Why the treadmill doesn’t work

Why the treadmill doesn’t work

Failure of your favorite simulator is a big problem. And treadmill malfunctions happen much more often than you would like. Sometimes this is due to untimely maintenance of the simulator, but it also happens with bad contacts, the engine, and other electronic stuffing.

Uneven movement of the walking belt

Sliding surface wear

Each treadmill manual contains an article on how to handle the treadmill correctly. It describes how often it needs to be lubricated, cleaned, and adjusted.

These simple steps will extend the life of the treadmill and prevent early wear of the treadmill.

Failure to service the treadmill increases the likelihood of problems with the treadmill. Its wear leads to overheating of the engine, and the static voltage that can arise from working with such a blade causes damage to the console.

Loose drive belt

Uneven movement of the treadmill may be due to a loose drive belt located in the engine compartment in front of the treadmill.

This is due to the elongation of the V-ribbed belt during operation. To check this, unplug the treadmill and tighten the adjustment screws.

Most often, this problem occurs in cheap models due to the poor quality of components.

The canvas slips

There can be several reasons for blade slippage. One of them is worn on the inner surface of the running belt.

Because of this, the clutch deteriorates and it begins to slip on the front shaft, especially when the engine is started.

Or, if the blade is too tight, then it will also slip, it is recommended to loosen the bolts that secure it. If a properly tensioned belt is lifted at the center of the treadmill, the clearance should be 5-7 cm.

Electrical faults on the treadmill

Most often, problems caused by broken parts of an electric treadmill should not be repaired by yourself. This requires special tools and specific knowledge.

In addition, self-repair is fraught with the danger of getting an electric shock and can lead to undesirable consequences.

If you have a problem with the control console, power board, console screen, motor, heart rate, temperature, and motion sensors, it makes sense to disconnect the treadmill from the power. Wait 15 minutes and turn it back on. Probably after that, it will work without errors.

Powerboard malfunction

Sometimes, at factories, incompatible components are installed in simulators.

In particular, it happens that the power board is not designed for the power of the motor, which is installed in the treadmill. A high incoming load leads to overheating and melting of some parts of the board and its rapid breakdown.

On more inexpensive models, this may be due to poor quality components. Cheap motors fail on their own and damage the power board.

Display problems

Check all visible wires for kinks first. If everything is in order with them, then you can check the wires inside, leading to the console. But for this, you need a special device.

But more often than not, such treadmill malfunctions cannot be repaired at home. the entire console should be replaced.

If the warranty period has not yet passed after the purchase of the simulator, then you can return it to the manufacturer.

Motion sensor malfunction

Such a malfunction can be eliminated by yourself at home.

For this, you need a tester. The motion sensor is located at the front of the treadmill near the shaft. There is a magnet next to it, if you remove it, the sensor stops working.

If the magnet is in place and the sensor does not work, then use the following advice. Put the tester in the wire ringing mode, slowly rotating the shaft, when the magnet approaches, you will hear a beep.

In case of malfunction, replace the old damaged component with any reed switch.

Malfunction of the engine temperature sensor

These sensors are not available on all treadmill models and are used to protect the engine from overheating.

If the temperature rises, the sensor wires open and the motor stops rotating. When it cools down, the simulator will work again.

Its frequent operation indicates the wear of the running belt or the closure of the engine rotor.

Malfunction of the electric motor

The engine consists of a fixed and a moving part. Moving part – the rotor is a coil of copper wire with a metal core inside. The wire loops are insulated from each other. A motor fault occurs when this insulation is broken. This is most often due to overheating.

Treadmill errors

Error E02

Error 02 lights up on the console display and the web does not move at all. This suggests that the resulting breakdown is associated with the engine.

Unplug the track from the outlet, open the motor compartment and look at it. If all wires are connected correctly, then a short circuit could have occurred. You may need to replace the wires or the entire motor.

Or, the problem that has arisen may be related to the failure of their engine controller, and power supply is not possible.

It is difficult to find out at home because special equipment is required. And the controller is energized. Therefore, it is better to call a specialist.

On Housefit treadmills, this code may mean checking the power cord to the motor. Replace the motor or connector, or replace the wire itself.

On Eurofit treadmills, this error means checking if the wires are properly attached to the control box.


Error E03 on the treadmill

Error 03 means that the set speed does not match the speed at which the web is moving. For example, a running speed of 5 km / h is required, and the canvas is commanded to move at a speed of 7 km / h or 3 km / h.

There may be several reasons for such a breakdown. They are usually divided into mechanical and electrical. The first group includes poor fixation of the speed sensor, so it receives a signal poorly. It should be well fixed and then the error will disappear.

Or the front or rear shaft that rotates the blade does not perform well. This may be due to the fact that:

  • the canvas or deck is not oiled,
  • the bearing has failed, such a failure is accompanied by a characteristic knock,
  • the deck is damaged, and it slows down the canvas.

The electrical causes of error 03 are related to problems with the motor winding. In this case, it will become very hot.

Or the motor brushes are out of order. Usually, they are 8 mm long. If they are shorter, then they should be replaced. Often such a defect can be identified due to dips in the speed of the walking belt and a decrease in engine thrust.

In Housefit tracks, this error indicates problems in the connection of sensors. The magnetic sensor may be broken and should be replaced.

E5 treadmill error

When error 05 occurs, the treadmill will report an overload condition.

It is connected with the fact that the maximum weight of the user is greater than the allowable one. Or some part of the machine is stuck and the engine cannot crank it. Examine the treadmill and reset it.

Error E6 on the treadmill

This kind of error may be related to a problem in the transformer, in which case it needs to be replaced.

In some models, under this code, there is a problem associated with the angle of the walking belt. Read about how to fix this error below.

Error E7

Error code 07 is associated with a problem with the incline setting of the walking belt. They only appear on tracks where this process is automated. There can be two reasons for their occurrence.

If the angle cannot be changed at all, you should check the attachment of the motor to the board.

If the angle changes, but responds poorly to commands and it is impossible to set the maximum and minimum slope, then the problem is in the slope sensor itself. It should be correctly fixed, which can be difficult to do due to the lack of marks about its correct position.

Common user questions

Since this section will focus on treadmill malfunctions mainly associated with improper maintenance, just in case, we will remind you how to clean and lubricate it.

Every month, wipe the compartment near the engine with a dry, clean, lint-free cloth after removing the cover and unplugging the treadmill. It’s best if you read the article on how to care for your treadmill.

Wipe the area between the belt and deck from the top and bottom. Vacuum under and around the treadmill regularly to prevent dust from being sucked into the treadmill as you work.

After cleaning, lubricate the belt and deck with special silicone grease. See how to lubricate a treadmill belt.

The treadmill won’t turn on

If the track does not turn on, then perhaps you just need to disconnect it from the network, wait a few minutes, then connect it back.

If after that it still does not turn on, then it is possible that the fuses have blown due to a power surge. It is possible to replace them on your own, but such a repair can hardly be considered a warranty.

The third cause of breakage may be a problem with the display. Probably, the power wires have come off. Disconnect the track from the mains and check if all the wires are connected correctly.

The treadmill turns off

There are also several reasons for such a breakdown. The simplest is the lack of timely maintenance, as a result of blade wear, contamination, and overheating.

You can try cleaning and lubricating the treadmill yourself. If after this the spontaneous shutdown continues, then it is better to call the wizard. Most likely the problem is in the engine or sensors driving it.

For safety reasons, it is not recommended to carry out such repairs on your own.

The treadmill stops

The reason for stopping the track may lie again in untimely maintenance or its absence.

Unplug the treadmill, loosen the belt, clean the treadmill, and lubricate the belt and deck. At the same time, find out if there is any damage to these components. Blade wear or deck breakage is likely.

But there may be another problem – the user’s weight exceeds the maximum allowable. Therefore, in order to protect against overload, the track stops itself.

The treadmill is warming up

The most common cause of this breakdown is the contamination of the interior of the treadmill. Stop it, unplug it and clean it. Dust or foreign matter has probably entered the fan located near the engine.

It happens that the winding glue dries out from long heating and the engine starts to get very hot, in some cases, there is a burning smell.

The treadmill is noisy

The loudness of the noise is a subjective concept and only by words can you judge the condition of the treadmill.

Many models, especially mechanical and magnetic ones, make noise when running on their own. This fully applies to cheap models of treadmills.

This is not a breakdown. And you can solve the problem by buying a special rug that will absorb noise.

Unevenness in the floor can be the cause of the noise, but you can also try to adjust this with a rug. Read about the rules for choosing a treadmill mat.

Treadmill knocks

A knocking noise on the treadmill may indicate bearing problems.

The tension bolts near the deck could also loosen.

But most often, users take the passage of the seam at the shaft for knocking. This is normal and does not require repairs.

Treadmill squeaks when running

There may be several reasons for an extraneous squeak. If the belt is regularly lubricated, try lubricating the shock absorbers with silicone. They are located under the deck.

If this does not help, then you can loosen the bolts located under the rails. It should be loosened from the side from which the creak is heard.

As you can see, treadmill malfunctions are most often caused by users who do not take good care of their treadmill. To prevent breakdowns from occurring in a timely manner, lubricate and clean it. This process is short-lived and uncomplicated, but it will save you a lot of money and nerves during repairs.