Proform Hybrid Trainer Reviews in 2022

Proform Hybrid Trainer Reviews in 2022

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer is a versatile piece of equipment. This low-impact cardio machine doubles as a recumbent exercise bike and a rear-drive elliptical, plus it comes with a full-access 30-day iFit trial subscription that lets you stream trainer-led Studio Classes and Global Workouts straight to your living room.

Top Trainers with iFit: iFit delivers some of the world’s greatest personal trainers right to your screen, making it simple to select the right coach for you.

Workouts Around the World: Take a virtual trip around the globe with your favorite personal trainer as incline-matching technology adjusts your resistance to simulate real-world terrain. Classes in the studio: Take lessons in a virtual boutique studio.

Personalized Exercises: Every day, three customized workouts based on your fitness level and interests are sent to your equipment. Requires activation: To activate your product and enjoy access to world-class personal training in the comfort of your own home, redeem your 30-day iFit Coach Trial. To access onboard exercises and other essential features of your hybrid trainer, you’ll need a credit card. An iFit subscription isn’t necessary.

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer, which is both an elliptical and a recumbent bike, offers training adaptability and diversity, allowing you to change up your training regimen.

Window Display with a Large LCD All of your training information (such as RPM, wattage, time, and calories burnt) are conveniently shown in one spot. SMR (Silent Magnetic Resistance) is a kind of magnetic resistance that is used Silent magnetic resistance muffles any mechanical noises, ensuring a tranquil ride every time. There are 16 different levels of digital resistance.

Your ProForm Hybrid Trainer can suit a variety of users at various fitness levels thanks to its broad range of resistance settings. Upper-Body Grips with a Soft Touch Integrate upper-body grips into your training for a total-body exercise.

What makes this product a smarter choice?

Number 1: Adjustable Pedals: Whether you’re using the elliptical or the bike, these adjustable pedals allow you to select the most comfortable position for your feet.

Number 2: Grip Sensors: These sensors provide you with a rapid estimate of your heart rate so you can keep informed while exercising. Because this is not medical equipment, the accuracy may vary.

Number 3:The Hybrid Trainer boasts a flexible design that enables you to select between a recumbent exercise bike and a rear-drive elliptical, giving you two low-impact cardio machines in one.

Number 4: Integrated Sound System: Listen to your own music or follow along with your iFit Trainer using twin 2″ speakers “For your convenience, speakers have been built.

Number 5: Find Workouts Led by a Personal Trainer; A 30-day iFit trial subscription provides you with interactive training sessions, on-demand studio and worldwide exercises, and linked fitness monitoring in the comfort of your own home.

Number 6: LCD Window Display; Keep track of distance, cadence, and anticipated calorie burns Integrated Tablet Holder; Stay interested and inspired while exercising by streaming interactive iFit routines to your own smart device.

Number 7. Two machines in one; The Hybrid Trainer combines the benefits of an elliptical with a recumbent exercise cycle to provide a unique low-impact workout in the comfort of your own home.

Number 8: 16 Digital Resistance Levels; your trainer will automatically change your resistance with iFit; For a smooth exercise, use SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance with an Inertia-Enhanced Flywheel. Pedals that are too big.

Number 9: 350-pound user capacity; 5-year frame guarantee and 90-day parts and labour guarantee; 60.5” Height x 24.5” Width x 70.5” Length; 60.5” Height x 24.5” Width x 70.5” Length; 60.5” Height x 24.5” Width x 70.5” Length; 60.5” Height x 24.5” Width x 70.5” Le


PRO-FORM smart elliptical unboxing and assembling

An excellent solution for rehabilitation after injuries or training in the elderly. The classic ellipsoid is equipped with a seat that allows you to completely relieve the spine during exercise, supporting the work of the user’s legs and shoulder girdle.

The 38 cm stride length will allow people up to 180-185 cm tall to train, fitting most potential gym users. Despite its rehabilitative focus, the model is equipped with 16 built-in programs and the same number of flywheel resistance levels.

The machine has the same number of resistance levels and preset programs as the ProForm Endurance 320 E and has a similar user weight limit of 115 kg.


ProForm Hybrid Trainer 2 in 1 elliptical trainer and recumbent bike.

This model has a seat adjustment, a change in the position of the pedals, as well as a change in the position of the console, which easily turns the horizontal exercise bike into a classic ellipsoid.

  • Load: Silent electromagnetic SMR Silent ™ loading system, 16 load levels.
  • Models with electromagnetic impedance loading feature improved ride quality, high cadence, and low noise levels.
  • Elliptical stride length: 38 cm.
  • Stride length is an important characteristic to look out for when choosing an ellipsoid.
  • This ellipsoid model will be comfortable for people less than 175 cm tall.

Console: The display shows speed, workout time, distance, calories burned, and heart rate, and the convenient console contains 16 built-in workout programs.


  • heart rate measurement using sensors that are built into the handles;
  • built-in sound system with the ability to connect an external Intermix Acoustics player;
  • connector for the MP3 player;
  • chest heart rate sensor (optional) can be connected via Bluetooth® channel;
  • transport rollers;
  • built-in tablet stand;
  • niches for storing small items;
  • floor uneven compensators.

* This model of the PRO-FORM HYBRID TRAINER is NEW! [PFEL03717] works via AC adapter or 4x D type batteries (adapter and batteries not included).

* Ability to connect the “iFit Application” (paid service):

This app gives you access to hundreds of personal trainer-led workouts, access to competitions with other users at various levels, and much more, including diet and sleep advice.

Also, the iFit application will allow you to build an individual workout and conduct it anywhere in the world! With Google Maps workouts, you can enjoy breathtaking images of your chosen terrain directly on the simulator console or from your tablet. Plus, with automatic terrain simulation technology, you will feel every ascent and descent of the selected route as if you were really there.

Briefly about the product

  • suitable for home
  • electromagnetic load system
  • flywheel at the rear, weighing 5.60kg
  • user weight up to 115 kg
  • step length up to 38 mm
  • ergometer
  • floor uneven compensators, transport rollers/wheels, hand levers, platform tilt angle adjustment
  • number of training programs 16
  • number of load levels 16

The multifunctional trainer of the hybrid design combines the functions of a horizontal stationary bike and an elliptical trainer with a 38 cm step. The trainer has 16 preset training programs and supports the iFit Coach Ready online application.
– silent electromagnetic resistance system SMR Silen with 16 load levels;
– comfortable handrails with built-in EKG Grip Pulse heart rate sensors;
– adjustable pedals;
– the ability to connect an iPod;
– bottle and tablet holders.


Combining all the advantages of an exercise bike, treadmill, and stepper, the ellipsoid is recognized as the best equipment for aerobic training. The exercise performed on it is also a hybrid exercise, as it is a mixture of cycling, running, skiing, and stair climbing. Key design details include movable handles, fixed handles with control buttons, and long, wide pedals.

Varieties of models by type of load system:

Mechanical                                                         Autonomous, work due to the efforts of the athlete.

Magnetic                                                            They have a set of options and are equipped with a good engine.

Electromagnetic                                               Equipped with a computer, they provide ample opportunities.

Also available models:

  • front-wheel-drive
  • with central drive
  • rear-wheel drive

Muscle Atlas

  • Legs (glutes, thighs, and calves)
  • Back and arms
  • Shoulder girdle
  • Press


Involves almost all muscle groups

In the process of training on an ellipsoid, the whole body is involved. Moreover, it allows you to increase the load on specific muscle groups by changing the position of the body. So, with a slight tilt forward, the muscles of the front surface of the thighs and lower legs are well worked out. The buttocks are stressed by pedaling with bent knees. The press is included during movements in an upright position.

Safe for the joints of the legs (ankle and knees)

The elliptical trainer “protects” the joints and the spine. It is designed in such a way that when pedaling smoothly, resistance is distributed evenly, and there is no axial load. That is why the equipment is suitable for people of all ages, with different physical training.

Creates excellent conditions for weight loss

Orbitrek is very effective in the fight against excess weight and correction of problem areas. By training on it regularly, you can not only lose weight but also by strengthening the muscles to make the body fit. Using the simulator allows you to achieve the desired results for both women and men.

Suitable for rehabilitation exercises

The uniqueness and effectiveness of the ellipsoid made it possible to use it in the framework of physiotherapy exercises and rehabilitation programs. With its help, people restore the functions of the musculoskeletal system, and the elasticity of muscles, and ligaments.

Cons and contraindications

Perhaps the only downside to using an elliptical trainer is the need for good coordination and balance skills. In this regard, you need to get used to working on it, and gradually increase the training time.

It is not recommended and in many cases it is prohibited to train on the orbit track for people with diabetes mellitus, suffering from chronic joint diseases and heart pathologies.


  • price
  • design
  • functional
  • principle of operation
  • dimensions
  • Weight Limit
    maximum user weight

If you analyzed these factors, deciding to place an order for a piece of elliptical cardio equipment for the home, but you still don’t know which one is better to buy, pay attention to the manufacturer, its popularity, and the warranty provided.

Pros & Cons

  • Dual Load (recumbent bike and upright elliptical)
  • Silent SMR™ magnetic resistance
  • 20 resistance levels
  • Adjustable seat
  • 20 workout apps
  • with iFit support
  • Built-in tablet holder above the console
  • Smartphone Compatibility
  • Water bottle holder
  • Transport wheels
  • Extremely short warranty
  • No cooling fan
  • Consumers complain about quality control and customer service
  • Flywheel is very light
  • Does not work with wireless pulse transmitter

Hybrid Trainer Assembly Instruction Video


Is doing the elliptical a good workout?

Incorporating an elliptical trainer into your fitness regimen can help strengthen your heart, lungs, and muscles, increase endurance, improve balance, and burn lots of calories. It’s also a great option if you have joint problems or want to improve or maintain your fitness after an injury.

Can you use the ProForm Hybrid Trainer without iFit?

Yes. All instructions state that iFit must be activated in order to use the device. You can bypass this by holding down the Bluetooth button on the main display for about 5-10 seconds.

Can you use a ProForm bike without a membership?

If you do not renew your subscription, you will have access to a limited number of iFIT workouts. You can always use the treadmill, elliptical trainer, bike, gym, or rowing machine in manual mode.

Does the ProForm hybrid trainer fold?

The dimensions of the ProForm Hybrid Trainer are quite large. It is 60.5 inches high, 24.5 inches wide and 70.5 inches long front to back. The car doesn’t turn up at all.

Is 30 minutes on elliptical enough?

Competing with yourself can also motivate you to work harder. And one more thing: be persistent. 15-30 minutes of elliptical training per day is enough to maintain or even lose your desired weight.


All in all, the ProForm Hybrid Trainer is an all-in-one piece of fitness equipment with a bunch of great features. It’s also reasonably priced considering what it offers and it will give you a very effective workout.

It’s essentially two different machines in one, offering variety and targeting different muscle groups.

Exercising this way allows you to burn more calories than if you were to just use a machine.

If you don’t mind the limitations of a heart rate monitor and can adjust to your stride, then you should love this machine.

If you need to read about Proform Hybrid Trainer XT, please read our article.

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