Proform Carbon EL Elliptical Manual Review 2023

Proform Carbon EL Elliptical Manual Review 2023

Elliptical trainers are a great experience when you need a simple total body workout. And don’t let the term “minor” confuse you—you’ll still get all the heart health benefits you would get from any other form of aerobic exercise.

Not only will you be training your arm and leg muscles, which will help increase your overall calorie expenditure, but you will also be training your heart and helping it pump blood around your body more efficiently. And all without a strong blow to the hip and knee.

ProForm Carbon EL elliptical is the best choice if you are new to the home gym, just starting out in fitness, or recovering from injury or chronic pain.

In this ProForm Carbon EL review, we aim to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information to help you choose the best ellipticals trainer for you.

Overview of ProForm Carbon EL ellipticals

The Carbon EL is the base model of the new Carbon series ellipticals and complements the EX and E7 mid-range elliptical trainers. Together they form an entry-level range, replacing the previous Endurance series with improved technology and features.

Despite its competitive price, the Carbon EL has almost everything you need for an efficient and enjoyable workout and is definitely worth considering for your home gym.

Let’s dive into our review and start with the highlights.

Large but movable ellipsoid

This fitness equipment does not feature a high-definition touchscreen, the ProForm Carbon EL has Bluetooth connectivity to sync your device with the elliptical trainer.

The Carbon EL isn’t the largest home gym we’ve come across, measuring nearly 69 inches long, 25 inches wide, and nearly 68 inches tall.

The ProForm Carbon EL not only offers plenty of room for this cross trainer, but it also weighs in at around 202 pounds. The good news about this heavy machine is that it comes with front transport wheels.

If you have the machine where you need it, we love the fact that it has large, adjustable feet. This means that if you have an uneven floor, you don’t need to make a homemade underlay.

Durable construction

ProForm Carbon EL has a solid construction thanks to the high-quality steel construction thanks to the stabilizers, the base, and the vertical part of the device. Thanks to its sturdy steel construction, the Cross Trainer can carry loads of up to 275 pounds.

Although we’ve seen some heavier ellipticals, 275 pounds is the industry standard. But for the record, the Horizon 7.0 AE elliptical weighs 325 pounds.

According to Coop Mitchell, our OG product tester and founder of Garage Gym Reviews, he says, “The heavy flywheel maintains the ellipticals for a smooth workout. It can also increase the life of the car by reducing unnecessary vibrations.”

The 15-pound ProForm Carbon EL flywheel is just under the industry standard for elliptical flywheels, which typically weigh 16-20 pounds.

Thousands of educational programs

A key feature of all ProForm Carbon EL elliptical trainers today is the iFit program, an addictive workout that gives you unlimited on-demand workouts with professional trainers in and out of the gym.

You can choose from beginner, intermediate, and advanced programs, as well as workouts with or without an elliptical trainer, so you can literally choose different workout programs every day.

When you purchase ProForm Carbon EL, you receive a free 30-day trial of iFit Interactive Programming. During the initial assembly and setup of your device, you will be prompted to create an iFit account and begin your free trial.

This trial is free, but you must enter your credit card details and can cancel before the trial period expires.

You’ll get an ever-growing library of fitness classes that range from full-body strength training to yoga and more.

If you’re not at all interested in signing up for iFit, we’ve investigated a possible loophole.

Although none of our experienced product testers actually tried this, we’ve read that you can bypass this step by pressing and holding the blue iFIT button (below the screen) for 30 seconds when prompted to create an iFIT account.

Proforma carbon console

However, to get the most out of your ProForm Carbon EL, we recommend budgeting for an additional monthly fee for the iFit app.

You’ll need your own smartphone or tablet to switch between workouts and find progressive workouts, but there’s a tablet holder on the console.

When you connect your iFit app (from your own device) to Bluetooth on the ProForm Carbon EL, the machine’s resistance levels change based on the trainer’s instructions.

This is a great way to feel confident on the elliptical and keep your hands on the wheel. Dual speakers allow you to hear the instructor’s voice and background music streamed through the iFit app.

It also has Google Maps integration, so you can choose any destination around the world as if you were actually training there. The iFit app automatically adjusts resistance levels to match your workout. It is very interesting and motivating to achieve goals.

The ability to teach addiction

We were surprised to find that the Carbon EL has a 20-degree adjustable incline, which is not found on many ellipticals these days, even the more expensive ones.

This gives you a chance to increase your cardio and work your lower body, which is not possible without bending over. With the push of a button, you can make your workout harder or easier and challenge yourself at different heights.

Digital resistance levels

The Carbon EL Elliptical Trainer has 18 levels of SMR (Silent Magnetic Resistance) so you can make your steps as easy or as hard as you like.

Change your practice slowly and silently from one to another without interruption. Combining different resistance levels with different levels of incline really takes your workout to the next level.

Upper body workout

As expected, you have both stable and usable upper arms, so you can work your whole body together or just focus on the legs. For comfort, you get soft-touch handles as well as heart rate monitoring to keep you in the ideal zone.

More great features

In addition to all the incline and resistance levels, iFit workout options, and upper-body workouts, you’ll find a bright, high-contrast 5-inch screen with all your workout data, a 15-pound flywheel, audio auxiliary port with (2) 2″ speakers, large pedals for comfort and sound.

Connect with the 2-inch speakers, tablet holder, water bottle holder, and front-mounted transport wheels to easily move the Carbon EL around the training ground. Adjustable ramp 20° with 5 positions. You can quickly adjust between 5 different incline positions to target different muscle groups for a more effective workout.

My tips

Building a ProForm Carbon EL elliptical is difficult, so we advise you to opt for a professional build whenever possible.

An iFIT membership expands your elliptical experience, but you need your own tablet.

ProForm offers 0% financing options to pay $21 per month for 36 months if you qualify.


  • Price under $1000
  • Low-impact cardio
  • Elliptical trainers allow you to control your own speed
  • The iFit technology can be connected via Bluetooth
  • Two sets of handles
  • Adjustable spacing stride length 19″ adjustable stride to accommodate most users
  • A frame guarantee of up to 10 years gives consumers confidence in the machine
  • iFit gives users access to a library of workouts and online trainers.
  • Heart rate monitoring is done with EKG Grip pulse sensors.
  • Smaller footprint compared to larger rear-wheel drive elliptical trainers
  • Automatic tilt from zero to 20 degrees with five positions
  • Additional audio connection with two 2″ speakers
  • A user weight capacity of 275 pounds should be sufficient for most users
  • Integrated tablet holder


  • Flywheel is 15 pounds below the industry standard
  • There are no buttons for heart rate control.
  • No pre-programmed workouts
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Not enough ventilator for exercising
  • The 5″ high contrast display is a bit small compared to other machines
  • Wi-Fi and a subscription are required to access iFit, which is clearly the focal point

Is ProForm Carbon EL worth it?

The ProForm Carbon EL is an elliptical trainer that can be a worthwhile option for some exercise bike owners.

After testing this machine, we feel that this is an entry-level fitness machine that will certainly add value to those who need a low-impact cardiovascular workout option.

By pairing your personal tablet or smartphone with this elliptical trainer, you can track your fitness goals and achieve new ones along the way.

Good for:

  • People who want an entry-level car with a solid build
  • One that can do without the latest built-in touchscreen technology
  • Anyone concerned about noise from cardiac equipment
  • Interactive training sessions

Not recommended for:

  • Anyone weight capacity of more than 275 pounds
  • People looking for a lot of technical features
  • People with small spaces


Can I use ProForm carbon el without iFit?

Yeah. All the instructions say you need to enable iFit to use the device. You can bypass this by holding the Bluetooth button on the home screen for 5-10 seconds.

Can you use ProForm elliptical without iFit?

If you do not renew your subscription, you will have access to a limited number of iFit workouts. You can always use a treadmill, elliptical trainer, stationary bike, fusion machine, or rowing machine in manual mode.

Why is my ProForm elliptical not working?

Causes. According to the hardware manual that comes with ProForm Carbon El elliptical trainers, a low battery is the number one cause of console display errors. If the display does not turn on, check the device’s power cord to make sure it is plugged in.

Is an elliptical a good cardio workout?

The elliptical trainer gives you a good cardio workout that can strengthen your heart, lungs, and muscles. This in turn can help increase your stamina and endurance. You can do both high-intensity interval training and steady cardio on the elliptical trainer.

How do you disassemble an elliptical machine?

Most elliptical trainers can be easily broken down into smaller parts. With a few simple tools, you can remove each of the handles as well as the foot pedals. Place screws or small components in a sealed and labeled plastic bag.

How do you collapse a ProForm elliptical?

To fold the elliptical, grab the handle on the rear stabilizer and raise the frame until it locks in the vertical position. To open the elliptical, first, grab the handle, press the release button, and lower the frame.

How do you turn off ProForm carbon?

Turn off Proform Bike

  • Find the power button. Every electronic machine has a power switch that helps to transfer power to the machine.
  • Press the button. Once you find the power button, you need to press it properly to turn off the pro bike screen.
  • Turn off the device.

Final Verdict

Overall we like the Proform Carbon EL elliptical as it gives you really good features and functionality without the high price tag.

You get unlimited iFit workouts, 18 resistance levels, a 20-degree incline, music speakers, a tablet holder, transport wheels, shortcut keys, and a host of other amenities not typically found on similarly priced ellipticals.

This front-wheel drive elliptical trainer makes almost no purr when in use due to its silent magnetic resistance.

That said, the ProForm Carbon EL elliptical is a quality machine – just wish it had gone a little cheaper to better reflect how much the competition outperforms it.

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