Proform 905 CST Treadmills Reviews in 2022-is it Worth Buying?

Proform 905 CST Treadmills Reviews in 2022-is it Worth Buying?

Looking for ProForm 905 CST Treadmills Review Online? Then check out this ProForm 905 CST treadmill review post and see if the ProForm 905 CST is what you really need.

This treadmill offers a wide range of interesting features that may interest you in exercising more. Not only the power it provides with the 3.0 HP electric motor, but also the control and training programs can give you the HIIT workouts you’ve always dreamed of.

The 905 is a much cheaper alternative from a brand known for making quality home treadmills with powerful electric motors and lots of high-tech features.

With roomy tread and a more reliable motor than we’d expect at this price point, the ProForm 905 is one of the best affordable treadmills out there. There is a lot of competition in this betting space, so it’s important to do your due diligence to make sure you make the right choice.

Why use the Proform 905 treadmills at all?

Before going into the strengths and weaknesses, most users need to understand why treadmill running is beneficial in the first place.

One of the main benefits of running is burning extra calories that would otherwise be stored as fat. But if you want to get fit, you don’t have to run on a treadmill to achieve that goal. It has been calculated that walking on a treadmill at a 10% incline for 20 minutes burns 166 calories in 22 minutes.

The treadmill is easy to use. They are also practical with a predictable running surface with user-selectable speed and incline. This makes the treadmill one of the most popular homes and gym equipment.

Treadmills support cardiovascular training, increase endurance and improve overall fitness. They are often compared to elliptical trainers, which also aid in cardiovascular training.

While both have their strengths and weaknesses, ellipticals put less stress on the knees. If you’re using an elliptical trainer like the Bowflex Max instead of a treadmill, you’ll want to give your knees some relief.

Features and Specifications

  1. 3.0 CHP Mach Z Commercial engine
  2. 5″ backlit display
  3. Running belt 20 x 60 inches
  4. Speed range: 0.5 to 12 mph
  5. Compact design
  6. Fan
  7. Assembled dimensions: 79 L x 37 W x 61 H inches (201 D x 94 W x 155 H cm)
  8. Treadmill dimensions: 152.4 L x 51 W cm (60 L x 20 W in)
  9. Shipping weight: 101.6 kg
  10. Supported Weight: 350 lbs (158.7 kg)
  11. Motor: 3.0 hp
  12. Motorized incline: 0%-12%
  13. Deck Dampening: ProShox (3 Cells)
  14. Console: 22 workout apps and iFit trainer, smart Bluetooth chest strap.
  15. Extras: sound system, fan, tablet holder, accessory compartments.
  16. Warranty: Frame Life/Motor Life/Parts 3 Years/Labor 1 Year

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  • The treadmill also has a super smooth running surface
  • Excellent shock absorption for its class and 350-pound weight capacity
  • ProShox cushioning is designed to minimize stress on your joints
  • Maximum 12% tilt, touch adjustment or simple tilt and vertical fold
  • Top speed 12 miles per hour
  • Wide tread (20 x 60 inches)
  • Powerful 3.0 CHP engine
  • iFit membership, 30 preloaded workouts to choose from
  • Super quiet
  • Has a heart rate sensor
  • Wider running deck
  • Compatible with iPod, great guarantee
  • The treadmill has a tablet holder installed


  • ProForm tries to force iFit on you
  • Dim display

Running surface

I want to start with the tread because it is probably the most important feature when it comes to the comfort of your treadmill. The tread describes the actual dimensions of the belt surface you are using, in inches (width x length).

The gold standard for home treadmills is 20 x 60 inches. With such a large tread, almost any user can walk or run comfortably.

The 905 CST has a 20″ x 60″ tread.

This ensures that most users can easily stretch while running at maximum speed without shortening their stride length. I say “most” because people have to be over 6 feet tall, but people that tall would probably have trouble with any treadmill.

With a running surface of this size, this treadmill is well received. To ensure comfort, ProForm equipped the 905 CST with its ProShox cushioning system, designed to significantly reduce foot compression forces.

The treadmill also folds upright for storage when not in use. This is a nice space-saving feature that will definitely come in handy if your workout space is limited.

It’s also helpful if you’re worried about little kids getting on your treadmill and playing with it when you’re not looking (which I worry about daily).

The 905 CST has an incredibly strong frame, which shows its 350-pound load capacity. That’s an impressive feat at any price, but incredible for a budget treadmill.

Most home treadmills, especially the cheaper ones, have a weight limit in the 250-300 pound range.

This treadmill has a sturdy construction that allows it to work with taller users without breaking.


The console offers miles as well as miles settings for distance and speed, but these settings can also be provided in metric units. Additionally, there is a My Track feature for the board which shows the 1/4 mile the track has laid on the circuit and also saves your lap.

It can monitor your heart rate with a Bluetooth chest strap heart rate transmitter. This accessory comes with a treadmill. However, there are also ECG sensors embedded right on the front steering wheel.

This console supports iFit. There are 30 training programs in the control unit. They are divided into four categories, each with its own switch. Classes: Speed, Intensity, Incline, and Calories. Each workout is displayed as a sub-grid.

Each section has a speed setting and an incline setting. As you exercise, the results on the speed and incline tabs show your progress.

In terms of equipment, the console of this device has an audio system, an air conditioning fan, a tablet holder, and two accessory trays. The stereo system includes two large audio speakers, one on each side of the system.

This console has an audio input so you can connect it to your phone. This console has additional volume controls. The fan is placed at the end of the system. According to many people, this fan is more efficient than the previous one. It has multiple intensities.

The tablet holder is located on top of the console device. It has a non-slip surface and is large enough to fit any tablet. There are two compartments for accessories on the sides of the console. They are big enough to store a large number of hydration containers or other small accessories.


Motor power is another important statistic to consider if you want to make sure you have a piece of equipment powerful enough to provide a decent workout.

The 905 CST is equipped with a 3.0 hp engine. When it comes to home treadmills, we should expect motors between 2.0 and 4.0 CHP. The more powerful the better as the motor doesn’t have to work as hard during use (it also means it has to work harder).

At 3.0 CHP, this treadmill should have enough muscle to handle higher speeds with ease. When it comes to speed, the 905 CST can reach a top speed of 12 mph and climb a steep 12% gradient.

It’s great to see an affordable treadmill that can reach up to 12 mph, with many exceeding at 10 mph. This treadmill should be fast enough to keep up with your sprinters.

In addition to a powerful motor, this treadmill uses 1.9-inch wheels. Pulleys are the parts that come into contact with and move the belt. (Most cheap cars use 1.9-inch wheels).

However, most users agree that this treadmill runs very smoothly.

Overall, the ProForm 905 CST scores in the engine area. It has enough power to run comfortably at any speed.

Assembly and service

Most people agree that putting the Proform 905 CST treadmill together isn’t that bad. The recommendations are very simple with written instructions as well as pictures that are easy to navigate. All components, as well as devices, are well identified at each stage. Here’s a video that explains how

Of course, it would be convenient to have a second person during assembly, but if you have hands you can most likely do it yourself.

Simple Allen keys included. However, you will also need a flexible wrench and a Phillips screwdriver, which are not included. Expect to spend 2-3 hours posting this together.

Like most treadmills, the belt needs regular lubrication. However, it is already lubricated, so there is no need to relubricate it for a long time. The running belt should be wiped down with a damp cloth after each workout to prevent small objects or fabric fibers from getting directly into the motor or rollers.

How can I get the most out of the Proform 905 CST treadmills?

On the treadmill, you can choose a 30-day trial period to access the iFit training program. After this initial phase, users need to choose a subscription plan to stick with. However, in those 30 days, most users can get a picture of how to get the most out of the treadmill with guided workouts.

Proform 905 CST iFit training program

Get tips from the best trainers Some of the best running shoes have been selected for the iFit app, which runs right on the 5-inch screen. These trainers have different running styles and recommend different exercises.

Because there’s a good trainer option, these workouts can also increase motivation to get back on the treadmill and get in shape faster.
Join the virtual studio.

Studio running classes are also available through iFit

These group sessions mimic a gym environment where training takes place in the classroom. Virtual classes also benefit from a variety of exercises. Because they are rarely matched, these workouts can also motivate the user by comparing their performance to other users participating in the workout.

Consider requesting personal training

If you want to go even further, you can also sign up for personal training. They can be sent directly to the treadmill every day. For example, if a user wants to do a combination workout that includes jogging and high-intensity recovery runs, trainers can send those personalized workouts straight to the treadmill.

Frequently Asked Questions

The manual does not say anything about the need for lubrication under the treadmill.

Surge arresters are recommended for treadmill protection as lubrication is always required at least once a year.

Does the treadmill allow for individually programmed workouts?

You can create your own custom workouts, but the only way to do that is through the iFit Cardio app, which incurs a monthly subscription fee.

I read a review that said it was shaky. Does anyone else think this is the case?

I think this treadmill works well for me, although I can see someone saying “shaky” while running.

I spent 3 hours trying to start the engine but it wouldn’t turn. Did anyone have a problem?

You must register with Ifit before opting out. I started this job the same day.

How much does the treadmill weigh when assembled?

200 pounds requires two people to climb the stairs.

Final Thoughts

ProForm 905 CST treadmill has many advantages. It has a large running surface, a powerful motor, and many pre-programmed workouts to choose from. It also has one of the best cushioning systems in the industry and folds flat for storage.

It’s also surprisingly reliable for its price – it’s rare to see a sub-$1,000 treadmill with a 350-pound load capacity.

The biggest user complaints about the 905 CST relate to iFit – at first glance, it seems like you have to log in to control the treadmill when you first turn it on.

If so, it would be a great loss.

But you don’t have to!

You can bypass the whole iFit subscription trick by holding the “iFit Sync” button for 20 seconds. I agree that ProForm is trying to get people to sign up for iFit, but know you can overcome that with this little trick.

That being said, the 905 CST is a great treadmill with a great warranty. If you’re looking for a basic treadmill without all the fancy bells and whistles, this is a smart choice – one of the best budget treadmills out there.

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