NordicTrack T 6.5 S treadmill review.Welcome to treadmill review guru.

NordicTrack T 6.5 S treadmill review.Welcome to treadmill review guru.

NordicTrack 6.5 SI which is different from the NordicTrack 6.5 s the S just has a 5 inch LCD screen and the SI has a 10-inch touchscreen.
This is a great compact folding treadmill, you’ve got a nice sized belt, it’s 20 inches wide and 55 inches, long inclines to a 10 percent grade has a 10 mile an hour max speed, and comes with I Fit free for one year.

The NordicTrack 6.5 SI is a tough, small compact treadmill that has a 2.6 horsepower motor that’s great for walking and light jogging, folds down when not in use, has a 10 percent incline, reaches a top speed of up to ten miles per hour.

Original name: Nordictrack Treadmill T 6.5 S + Free iFit App Fitness Running Machine Trainer
Colour: Black
Description: of pulse-dependent; electrically powered
Maximum slope:10%
SKU: Does Not Apply
Measurements based :on calories;distance;heart rate;incline;speed;time
Fat burning programs;Fitness test;tilt interval;Fast start;speed interval;target calories;distance to target;target time;

Weight loss:10-year manufacturer’s warranty
Exercise computer: calorie display
Standard: Home use
Resistance: electronic
Use commercial use: home use;semi-commercial use
Model: T Series 6.5S
Top speed: 10 mph
Maximum user weight: 300 lbs
Country / Region of Manufacture: United States
Material: Steel
Width: 36
Type: Electric
Sports: treadmill
Sports / Activity: Gym & Training;running and jogging
Product group: Treadmills

So let’s take a look at construction so let’s take a look at the overall construction of the 6.5 si so as I mentioned this is a compact folding treadmill so the deck does fold up and lock vertically against the console which is a really nice feature especially if you have limited space as I mentioned.

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The belt itself is 20 inches wide and 55 inches long the entire machine is 54 inches high 36 inches wide and 73 inches long.
So, I’ll demo how to fold it up to you just hold the base there’s a bar down at the end press it up and it should lock into position so once it’s locked it shouldn’t come undone unlatched. With pets, or kids, or toys, or anything like that it’s pretty secure. You’ve got nice steel support beams under powder-coated uprights on the side, and then nice stabilizers here with transport wheels at the end, so if you do want to move it just holds on to that barred tip it towards yourself and you can angle it back on those wheels and kind of pivot it where you need to move it to unlock hang on to that bar again press the foot release and let it drop back down it does have a hydraulic assist so it will drop back down nice and steady you don’t have to hold it or guide it and it will just drop back onto your floor so anyway it’s really nice to have that folding.


Feature ​on a compact treadmill this has a 2.6 horsepower motor, so it’s great for walking light, jogging. We don’t necessarily recommend it for heavy training or lots of running. But you do have flex select cushioning in the deck you can see down, you have these orange dampers, and you can adjust them on or off depending on whether or not you would like to engage the travel under the deck and kind of mitigate that impact or whether you would like to simulate more outdoor surfaces so you can kind of adjust these dampers, on the sides are as needed and you can see they’re bright orange and easy to see, so that’s the flex elect cushioning in the deck it does incline to a 10% grade and give you a 10 mile an hour max speed.

So you got lots of functionality here on this compact folding treadmill there is a 300-pound user capacity so it will support users up to 300 pounds which is really pretty impressive for a treadmill of this size. The NordicTrack 6.5 si comes on a pretty good warranty so you get a 10-year warranty on the frame two years for parts and one year for labor.
Let’s take a look at the console on the 6.5 si, so as I mentioned, the si is the one that has the 10-inch touchscreen. So this is a really nice feature it cleans up the console, it’s not cluttered II, it feels very intuitive, and the touch screen pivots up and down so that you can kind of find the right height, to reduce overhead glare.
On the left, you have quick touch buttons for the grade you’ve got 0 and then 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and 9 and 10. So it’ll take you all the way up, and then on the right, you’ve got a button for each speed so it’ll take you from 1 up to 10 miles an hour right there. You also have speakers here on the sites this is not Bluetooth enabled, so you cannot sync your phone to the machine, but there is an aux in port so you can, take a cord plug it, into your phone plug it into the aux-in port, and then listen to the music through the speakers. the same thing it won’t sync with a heart rate chest monitor but you do have heart rate sensors right here on the horizontal handlebar so you can hold on to those and it will display your heart rate on the screen you’ve got a couple of different programs up options here in iFit so down here at the bottom is kind of your main menu bar. You’ve got a home calendar, which will list the classes create if you want to create google maps.
Route browse kind of takes you to the main library, and then on-air is there a new live class option so up here in the right corner is a manual start so we’re just going to go to a manual start and it always gives me a little prompt here at the beginning before it started so you can hear that little kind of chime that lets you know the belts gonna start.

So I’m gonna end my warmup and it’s gonna start to meet a zero percent incline in just 1% speed so as I mentioned over.
Here you’ve got your quick touch for incline and when you’re in the manual you can set it up however you want and you’ve just got a nice clean track screen right and then you can also increase it by one take it up to three and then down you also have incline up and speed up and down with a little bit smaller increments so that speed will adjust you by tenth taking you down. So you’ve got more incremental speed options and then inclined we’ll take you by point fight so it just kind of gives you a few more options aside from your quick touch controls on the sights. You also have a start and a stop. So let’s hit stop, and it’s going to stop the belt and stop the program so if I come back out.
I’ll show you how I fit works now in I fit the resistance on the speed is automated with the program so you can just follow the program and you don’t have to make adjustments if you don’t want to so let’s go right here, to Picabo Canyon, it’s a hiking class so it’s going to give me an outline of where we’re going and I can adjust the volume right.


Here you have three different volume settings there’s, music in the background, nowhere is in your volume settings you can adjust it so that I can turn the music, all the way down if I don’t want to hear the music turn the trainer all the way up and then your main volume here at the top at the bottom will maintain that balance.

You have your metric display, at the top which gives you a readout for letting me turn him down gives you readout for incline calories, time, distance, and speed if you come over here it will give you a little graph display letting you know the terrain to expect so we’re gonna go up and then drop and then over here we have some really high a sense and then we kind of drop again at the end you also have the option of doing these workout controls or you can go to a full screen where that disappears.
So let’s bring my workout controls back because I like the workout controls alright. So right now he’s just kind of explaining what we’re gonna do and as you can see I haven’t touched the controls but I’m in a two percent incline and 2.2 speed so he’s got us at a nice easy walking speed and then is that incline goes up as we start to hike it’s automatically going to incline on its own. So I don’t have to touch it you can adjust these metrics just a little bit if you want to show total vertical gain vertical loss calories burn versus calories per hour, which is an estimated time elapsed remaining pace per minute and average pace and then, of course, the distance that we’ve traveled and the distance left speed and average speed so it’s really nice to have an automated feature especially if you’re using a knife it program because I can just watch listen to the trainer enjoy the hike or the run or whatever it is what I’m doing and not have to play with.
the controls at all it automatically does it on its own and then if we want to stop we just hit stop it’ll give you a 10-minute pause if you want to stop it real quick grab a grab the phone talk to a kid you’re gonna come back and restart it right where it was you have a 10-minute pause window and then when it’s done it gives you a readout so it will tell you how long how far you went your estimated calorie burn elevation gain an average pace and then over here it will give you more instruction more information about the trainer an overview of the class and the series that it’s in any comments that have been left and then once again your average speed and incline and once I hit to finish it will automatically save that to my iFit profile so I can go back and look at it later.

So, you’ve got lots of features and functionality and I Fit and this ten-inch touch screen is really bright, it’s easy to see, and it makes a big difference when you’re inside just kind of looking for the best way to be involved and not get bored on your treadmill.
The other thing that I really like about the SI is you do have nice pockets here on the side. So I can easily set a phone I’ve got keys to or even a water bottle there’s also a ledge right here that you can see so I can set my phone on that ledge if it’s small enough. I can set it off to the side there’s plenty of room if you wanted to put a tablet here it might block the bottom of the screen just a little bit but that also gives you a little more options if you want to watch your own program we need or whatever these are also plenty big and will hold any size water bottle. At the front, as I mentioned you’ve got your heart rate sensors so if I’m walking at a steady pace and I have a good balance I can hold on to those sensors and it will display my heart rate up on the screen.

Let’s take a look at the functionality of, how does this machine feel, how does it sound, what does it look like when you’re on it things like that so like I mentioned you’ve got the flex to select cushioning down here your dampers I have them on right now so to turn them off if you want to reduce the amount of travel under the deck and make it more like running outdoors you flip those around and the little tab is going to come out.

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What Makes a Good Treadmill?
Treadmills are a big investment, so you need to make sure that what you buy works for you. Here are a few things to consider before making your choice.

Size: Like most machines, treadmills take up a lot of space. Many treadmills can be folded to combat this problem, while others are made smaller. If space is your concern, it is better to use a more compact model. The width and length of the tread are also important for training; The wider tread gives you more room for a comfortable run.

Exercise Intensity: Different treadmills give different levels of exercise quality. Most treadmills can run at a variety of speeds, typically in the 0-10 mph range, and incline for tougher workouts. Some may even refuse to emulate the feeling of running downhill.

Technology: Today’s treadmills have many different features and are difficult to track. if it and Zwift Compatible treadmills allow you to run alongside other people with real live running shoes that guide you through your exercises. Treadmills can also have heart rate monitors, workout profiles, speakers, and built-in fans.

Comfort: Some cheaper treadmills are stiffer, making it uncomfortable to run for long periods of time, and can be harmful if you have weak joints. So, you want to make sure the treadmill you buy is comfortable for you.

Noise: Treadmills can get quite loud, especially during intense workouts. If you’re trying to follow an online class or just watch Netflix while you run, you want to buy a quieter model.