Marcy ME-709 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review 2022

Marcy ME-709 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review 2022

Marcy ME-709 Recumbent Exercise Bike is suitable for riders of all sizes, as it is easy to adjust. The seat and pedals are in two separate parts and can be moved forward and backward so that people with short legs can use the bike comfortably. Its low height makes it one of the best recumbent exercise bikes for short legs.


In this overall view of the ME-709 Recumbent Marcy bike, we will consider the properties and design in more detail and we know why it is seen as the best price and quality ratio.

According to Harvard hygiene, riding a stationary bike is good for joints than other aerobic exercises and has many benefits, including improved blood circulation, increased bone density, and increased muscle mass.

Marcy, as a recognized company in exercises, does a lot of work to create fresh, ingenious, and updated products. The Me-709 bike offers great prices and many amazing functions that are ideal for room classes.

How effective is the Marcy ME-709 bed? Should I buy it? Can he be an ideal training bike for your home? Let’s find out in the checking of the recumbent bikes.

Marcy ME-709 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review 

Review of recumbent Marcy me 709 cycling is a big international brand, so the good news is that you have excellent warranty coverage wherever you live.

It has a one-piece grip, which is a pretty simple grip for an exercise bike, the pedals also have an adjustable strap, as you can see here, for large or small feet so you can pull up as well as push off and there’s a wheel in front of us.

Marcy has a fairly simple single, lowercase LCD display that displays the speed, distance, time, and calories you typed in the button at the bottom there to change between readings the numbers are large enough to do this.

Easy to read from a distance.

Like all exercise bikes, this has an adjustable length so which means the distance between the seat and the console can be adjusted, as you will see here many motorcycles have other adjustments like up and down, but this being a fairly simple model, it is not we think this model is easiest to tilt upwards to use gravity to adjust the seat, up and down.

Being a fairly simple bike, it has no speakers, no programs, and no pulse.

You will notice the absence of any power cables, and this is because this entire device is just battery-powered, they are just the base doubles or aaa batteries that you get from the supermarket.

This bike has a beautiful slim design, fits quite easily into most rooms, and has some comfortable handlebars in the front there which means getting different muscles while exercising, you can lean forward and hold onto the handlebars in front.

Or you can relax and, as you can see, there are comfortable handlebars behind you the seat is a fairly simple foam seat, comfortable enough when you’re done using the master. You just tilt it, it has wheels on its back and you move to another room.

Marcy ME709 Recumbent Bike -Features Summary

  • Battery-AAA batteries are required.
  • Max Capacity- 300 pounds
  • Resistance levels- 8
  • Weight: 66.5 pounds Height Range-5’2″-6′
  • Preset programs- None
  • Dimension- 55.5 x 25 x 37.5 inches
  • Max Capacity-300 pounds

Detailed Product Features of Marcy ME709 Recumbent Exercise Bike

Smart design

Marcy ME709 developed the bike so that it could be easily planted and separated through its structure. While other bicycles can cause damage if they try to get up, this model helps to reduce the risk. Just go and sit down. This performance makes it a great bike for the elderly.

The magnificent design does not stop here. Marcy ME709 made this motorcycle from ultra-hard components that are not designed for long-term life. You will find Caliber 14 steel pipes and other permanent details.

First, the ultra-low price for this liar bike! Marcy ME-709 was really successful. Please don’t think the low price is low. The widespread problem that people with false teaching wheels oppose is that they sit and sit on a sports wheel. However, there are problems with the Marcy ME-709 model.

The bike is designed with maximum convenience, especially for the elderly who want to minimize the risk of injuries while the bike rides in the room.

Marcy ME-709 is structured through the structure for quick and simple training during the daily bicycle lesson. Just log in, sit down and start the exercise. In addition, the liar plan helps reduce the load on the knees and back.

Every bed bike in the market has a great soft seat. ME -709 is no exception. This is a soft, strong back seat that provides complete support. This frame appears to be completely strong and can withstand the user’s maximum load of up to 300 pounds. If you don’t start bombing, the bike takes a long time.

The Marcy ME-709 consists of eight magnetic resistance levels that are common for bicycles currently offered on the market. The proposed resistance is not the lowest, but it does not intensify them.

However, this bike gives you a chance to create a good shape. Thanks to the stabilizer of the legs, the bike is stable and equipped with a suitable display on which a variety of indicators are displayed.

Eight levels of resistance

The church team, a researcher at the Penington Biological Studies Center, said the NPR said: “distance training is a very effective way to quickly improve its physical shape”. If you want to achieve this goal, you need a bike with several resistance adjustments.

Eight Marcy ME-709 settings allow you to wear pedals soon and then slow down. Repeating this cycle enables you to complete the distance training, which will help you get faster. A slightly rotating bunch makes the harmonious change.

And, eight resistance levels are not only for those who want to do interval training. It can also help you put more pressure if yourself to become stronger. If a surface becomes very light, rotate the handle. If you don’t feel comfortable in a day, take it back to the easier training.

Easy To Assemble

Do not frighten about the size of the bike. The instructions in the user manual are very easy to execute and manage. Although we recommend that you collect at least two people from the assembly, this bike contains simple assembly instructions for understanding.

The LCD display of a computer

If you walk on a training wheel, your statistics can help you feel more fulfilled and overcome your miles. With this bike, you can track the speed, time, distance, and calories burnt on the screen for reading.

Statistics are displayed according to a large number of noticing or cutting off to see how you are doing. This is a great function you can move.

The LCD page in each exercise must adhere to some requirements, for example, a comfortable interface. Reading statistics should be easy at the distance. All of this motivates them for these extra parts.

Marcy paid attention to this factor and created a bike for exercises that show statistics that are not adjusted or seated and followed by important elements, for example, speed, distance, time, and calories. As a result, you can track and manage your progress toward your fitness goals.

As a rule, luxurious bicycles usually offer ideal consoles with countless programs that everyone can start. But we are disappointed with the consoles of this bike.

Marcy has no pre-installed plans, and this is a bad solution, especially when you think the bike is lying. To be honest, given the price range of the bike, it feels that you have left all the road to your fitness goals.

We have no complaints about the criteria displayed in the consoles. The Marcy ME-709 offers all the important indicators you expect with a good bike. There is also mileage. There are three buttons on the console. Use the mode button to select the screen, set, and reset.

The level of noise

Unlike other exercise wheels that inform the whole area of your training area, this training bike works with a small level of food that you or anyone nearby. This bike is easy when playing TV or video games.

Resistance level

The best effective for improving the physical shape and effective training is to buy bicycles with adjustable resistance settings to quickly change the level of resistance. Marcy Me-709 offers all this.

Marcy Ling Training Bicycles with ME-709 resistor gives eight magnetic voltage levels that provide smooth and quiet work to do the distance training (quickly pedal, then slower and in the same


The shooting contracts must have a proper landing. If he doesn’t have the right place, you should not spend it and you just have to leave the bike. Marcy created a place to work with body cans to provide the most convenient preparation.

Fortunately, Marcy ME-709 recumbent bike is equipped with a comfortable chair and protects the title of a good false bike. A comfortable chair helps exercise. This is only necessary for understanding.

Elements such as their legs are constantly moving, but other elements are motionless in the exercise wheels. The user is very impractical for a few hours.

 Counterbalanced pedals

Have you ever been marked on a bike and had a feeling of poor pedal control? In this case, these pedals still cannot be suspended. In Marcy Me-709 you will find completely balanced pedals. This gives you extra support and controls you.

In addition, this motorcycle is equipped with adjustable legs. You can obtain a complete landing every time and help prevent injuries.


There is no pulse sensor around the chair to read the heart rate. The steering wheel is located next to the bike bed. They give a place with a seat. You can easily place your hand or elbow on the steering wheel when pedaling and this is quite comfortable.

We do not understand why the lying bicycles include the front wheel/hands. Usually, people focus on legal bicycles, at the same time sitting in a convenient place. Marcy ME-709 includes a steering wheel developed under the console, which should help. Perhaps it would be great to stand on a bicycle.


What is a recumbent bike?

A lounger is a bicycle where cyclists sit on a seat with their feet in front of it. It “lies” on the vehicle. His posture is what would be in an armchair with a footrest. In this case, an image is worth a thousand words, so links are provided. The reclining device leans back as if in a reclined chair.

What are the benefits of using a recumbent stationary bike?

Because of the comfy bucket-seat saddle, recumbent exercise bikes are great for those who often don’t work or are just starting out. In addition, most doctors and personal trainers tend to recommend recumbent bikes, regardless of the client’s fitness level.

Does a recumbent bike provide a general body workout?

In fact, it’s not even more focused on the legs than it is on a regular bike. Basically, you sit and push with your feet.

Can You Lose Weight With A Recumbent Bike?

Yes. This is a form of exercise and exercise helps with weight loss. But regular use is required and dietary changes must be added to any plan to lose weight. (This is a “lifestyle” change.) Just cycling, even regularly, may not work if your diet/lifestyle is not changing.

How many calories are burned on a recumbent bike?

Depends on your age, gender, and fitness level, but above all on how much you chase and how long you hit him. If you just walk around, nothing will happen, even if you stay on it for hours. If you go all out, but only for a minute, nothing will happen if you pedal yourself sick.

The total is around 450-600 calories per hour if you cover yourself wet and sweaty. There can be more if you are prepared enough to carry out the higher efforts.

When you are cycling, what muscles are working?

Your glutes or villains or whatever you say it. Your back muscles are doing the job. Your shoulder and partially your triceps depending on how you ride it.

What is the difference between a stationary bike and a recumbent bike?

A stationary bike is like a real bike, but you don’t go anywhere and usually only have one wheel. Another name for this is “exercise bike”. A regular bike can also be set on casters to become a stationary bike … On a recumbent bike, you are folded back with a seat like a chair and handles at your side.

The recumbent is usually an expensive decent machine with two or three wheels, but it can be mounted on stands and casters and become a stationary bike for indoor training. Commercially available stationary bicycles do not have wheels. It uses an internal friction mechanism to provide resistance to the rider.

How is a recumbent bike different from other exercise bikes?

While on a recumbent bike, the body position is more horizontal and the riders’ legs are in front of them. Traditional exercise bikes have the rider more upright under their feet under their body.


For most people, this is a great wheel.

This is accompanied by a variety of functions that you can use more easily and efficiently. With eight resistance adjustments, anti-weight pedals, and structures that are easy to choose, this is exactly what is right for you.

The bike costs less than $ 200, which is a great price for something that has a lot of performance. If you are overweight after injury, and you want to lose or improve, this bike is a good choice. This can help you do your way.

If you need to read about the Top 5 Best used recumbent bikes, please read our article.

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    1. The recumbent Marcy ME 709 is suitable for riders of all sizes, as it is easy to adjust.
      Its low height makes it one of the best recumbent exercise bikes for short legs. It can also work together to get a more compact unit when you’re not using it.

      The appearance of the motorcycle makes it stand out. The lungs can help you move from place to place. This bike has 8 different resistance levels for great riding performance.

      It also offers a large LCD console that allows you to track your time, speed, distance, calories burned, etc.
      Recommend it!

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