Golds Gym 450 Treadmill Review&Comparisons 2021

Golds Gym 450 Treadmill Review&Comparisons 2021

Golds Gym 450 Treadmill Review

Gold’s Gym has been a leader in the fitness industry since the first factory opened in Venice Beach, California in 1965. According to an expert review magazine for fitness equipment, Gold’s Gym home fitness equipment does not meet “club-grade quality,” but offers an affordable and functional entry-level line of machines. Among these machines is the 450 treadmill.


The Gold’s Gym 450 treadmill is an entry-level treadmill designed primarily for walking and light running exercises. Due to its smaller size and maximum power rating of 2.5 horsepower, the 450 treadmill is not suitable for running exercises or regular multi-user training.


The treadmill’s electronic workout console displays time, distance traveled, speed, calories burned, and heart rate achieved for each workout. You can choose from six pre-programmed workout programs, or enter your weight, workout time and calories burned to allow the machine to perform a customized workout.

This machine also has a tilt function to increase workout difficulty, a built-in cooling fan, and a clutch heart rate monitor. The undercarriage of the machine folds down and can be attached to the handlebars for storage when not in use. Integrated wheels at the base of the treadmill make it easy to move even on carpets.

The size

The training surface of the 450 treadmills is 18 “wide and 50” long. While this area is sufficient for walking, some treadmill reviewers argue that it is too short for longer jogging strides or for taller people. The height of the console and treadmill legs are not adjustable; Tall users may keep their arms in a slightly less comfortable position than they would like when exercising.

It comes with a limited five-year engine warranty. All other machine parts are only warranted for 90 days, which leaves several reviewers questioning the machine’s reliability.


The Gold’s Gym 450 Treadmill is only designed for users weighing up to 275 lbs. and is not intended for intensive running. If you’re looking for an easy workout that’s heavily based on walking while staying within your budget, the 450 treadmills may meet your needs. However, the limited warranty and functionality of the machine have proven to be a disconnect for users who require durable equipment that can challenge them as they improve their fitness level.

The Gold`s GYM 450 scored 4.67 overall
The Strengths:
The low price is attractive
Great design-it is engineered very well
The Weaknesses:
Very cheap parts to hold the cost down
Very short warranty -if you buy this one you really should consider an extended warranty
Grannies of the world who only need something in the home to do a simple workout

Golds Gym 450 Treadmill vs. Other Models On The Market

  1. Sunny Health & FitnessSF-T4400 Treadmill
  2. XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill
  3. Bowflex BXT216 Treadmill

1. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T4400 Treadmill

Maybe, you’re looking for your first treadmill and aren’t ready to drop a ton of cash, there are plenty of low-priced options, that will save you space and money and still give you a great workout, need some extra motivation. Don’t worry, low cost doesn’t mean, you lose all the extra features you still get personal trainer workouts for the days you need an extra push if you have a little more to spend you might want to consider all.

The mid-tier options, that can take your fitness to the next level these treadmills typically have longer belts for tall runners and people with longer strides have a bunch more program options – like incline features heart rate monitors, and built-in workouts don you have more, than one runner in your family, have you been eyeing.

The treadmill at the gym, and ready to set up your home gym like a pro-higher-end treadmill usually have bigger motors, and roomier decks with more bells and whistles hand. Grip sensors measure your heart Rate fans cool you off, and you can plug in your mp3 player, to make your run go faster a lot of high, and treadmills have an incline, and decline range, so you can train for outdoor races burn more calories, and increase muscle tone extra cushioning means your joints will thank you and your recovery time is a lot faster after a long workout just because you don’t own a spa or gym doesn’t mean you can’t get a commercial treadmill if you’re running for hours every day.

Then it might be just what you’re looking for most don’t fold up, and they’re a lot heavier which means they also take up more space, but the frames and components tend to be stronger because they’re
meant to be used all day long commercial treadmills are some of the most durable, and reliable options so definitely worth considering for heavy volume, and a hyper budget.

Motorized Running Machine with LCD Display,
Tablet Holder,
Shock Absorption,
220 LB Max Weight,
and Folding Running Belt.

The Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill features 9 built-in workout programs, handrail controls, and a phone/tablet holder that will add comfort and accessibility during any workout routine. The soft drop system will assist you when opening the treadmill, avoiding a big slam or damage to your wood/carpet floor. It features an LCD screen that tracks your speed, time, distance, pulse, and calories which makes it easier to track your fitness goals.


2. XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill

Let’s start off easy with the treadmill that comes with a rather approachable price tag.
The Xterra fitness tr-150 in a nutshell it was specifically designed for people, who are looking for a simple means of workout
While still, possessing a plethora of highly versatile features basically, this treadmill features a decently spacious running or walking surface that measures 16 inches by 50 inches the unfolded dimensions of the entire.

Construction measure 63.4 inches by 28.7 inches by 51.4 inches so, it does take up quite a bit of space.
This beautiful machine packs a nearly soundless 2.25 horsepower motor that will allow you to walk or run up to 10 miles per hour, speaking of which, you’ll also have three levels of incline at your disposal to make your workouts as fatiguing or as relaxing. As possible, there’s a 5-inch LCD display, onboard that shows your current speed distance, traveled time, spent during, the workout session, and total calories burnt.
You’ll get to choose between 9 selectable speeds, all of which are accessible via the main control board.

You can adjust the speeds and programs by number input or by small arrows, that shift through the levels in an easier way.
We see the preset programs on both sides of the control panel, there are 12, of them, and rather, than memorizing which program functions in which way each program features neat illustrations, that will help you remember how each one feels on top of that there’s a convenient set of rolling wheels that makes transportation a breeze in terms of durability.

Xterra fitness’s tr150 features ultra-sturdy heavy gauge steel construction it can support up to 250 pounds, and it, was certainly built to last the grips are fairly large, and sport, and their heartbeat sensor as well as built-in controls, so that you can change the speeds or workout mode without letting go of them.

There are a couple of things we didn’t like so much about the tr-150 treadmill first of all if the machine’s safety cord gets detached for whatever reason the treadmill enters the error mode which will cancel any active workout program which will, in turn, erase the tracking progress additionally the heart rate monitor isn’t entirely accurate initially it will first show a lower heart rate parameter, and it might take a couple of minutes, to collect enough data for it to be precise again.

Be it as it may, this is a very versatile treadmill that is packed with excellent features furthermore it comes available at a very attractive price tag so if you’re low on cash we highly recommend that you check it out if you’re unsure of  it how much money you.

Briefly about the product

  • electrical load system
  • suitable for home
  • user weight up to 120 kg
  • web speed from 1 to 16 km h
  • engine power 1.5 HP
  • manual tilt angle adjustment
  • running belt width 40 cm, length 127 cm
  • floor uneven compensators, transport rollers wheels, shock absorption system, foldable
  • number of training programs: 13
  • Built-in Programs: Quick Start, Timed, Distance, Custom, Hills

The speed from 1 to 16 km h will allow the user to challenge himself in any physical form. For quick access to the preset speed selection, the console has 9 buttons. Stickers with graphs of all programs are glued on the sides for the convenience of choosing a workout.
Peculiarities: wide canvas 127 x 40 cm, ideal for most users; 3 levels of treadmill tilt adjustment for a more professional workout; smooth and quiet engine with a peak power of 2.25 rpm; 5-inch LCD-display is easy to read all the actual training data; foldable track design for easy storage and transportation; built-in heart rate sensors on the handrails to quickly reach your goal.

The display does not have a backlight, which is important.

XTERRA TR150 Treadmill Unboxing, EASIEST Assembly & Review

3. Bowflex BXT216 Treadmill

The Bowflex BXT216 is a powerful 4.0hp treadmill with a 12mph top speed and 15% incline that folds down when you’re done. This treadmill has cushioning in the deck for a more comfortable underfoot feel and supports heavy workouts and multiple users. The console has 11 preloaded workouts, each with its own button for simplicity and convenience. You have up to four custom profiles for individual workout metrics. The 9-inch LCD has large digital numbers. There is a media shelf with a USB port, so you can charge and watch your personal tablet while exercising. Bowflex offers the JRNY app for a free two-month trial that includes a fitness score and Max, a virtual trainer that provides personalized workouts and feedback. The tablet holder sits above the screen so it doesn’t block your view of the console. We believe the BXT216 is a powerful, durable treadmill that’s great for home use. It’s not the most technologically advanced console, but it gets the job done and is easy to navigate. If you’re looking for a quality foldable treadmill, the BXT216 is a great place to start.

The Bowflex BXT216 is a high-quality foldable treadmill that’s great for running, jogging, walking, or cross-training. This heart machine has a 4.0 horsepower engine, tilts to 15%, and has a top speed of 12 mph. It also includes 11 workout programs that are pre-programmed for convenience. When you’re done, the BXT216 folds in and out for safety. This is a great home-use treadmill that lets you exercise on your own schedule. The Bowflex JRNY App will sync with the machine for additional features, training, and programs. The BXT216 is reasonably priced for the included features and accessories, but it lacks some of the technology upgrades available on similarly priced models.

Who’s it for: Runners and runners looking for a quality foldable treadmill that can be used with or without an added subscription
The BXT216 is ideal for anyone looking for a treadmill that:

  • Folds up for convenience
  • Has 11 preinstalled programs
  • Syncs with various fitness apps
  • Can be used at any time of the day or night
  • Max speed 12 mph for interval training
  • Slope up to 15% for hill variables
  • Quiet and satisfying with a 4.0 hp engine.
  • Doesn’t require a subscription to work


A durable treadmill supports up to 400 pounds of user weight
Folds in half to save space when not in use
Tilts up to 15% and goes up to 12 mph
Preinstalled programs, so no subscription is required
Offers a 4.0 hp motor. for intensive learning and intensive use
Includes a tablet holder with a USB charging port that won’t block your screen
Sporty black frame with red and silver accents that really make it popular
The JRNY app subscription includes Max, a virtual trainer that customizes workouts to match your fitness and strength levels.


Not as technologically advanced as comparable machines
Bowflex and JRNY Apps result series have mixed reviews
Does not provide videos or classes on the console screen, you must have a personal tablet for this (not included)
Large and heavy; difficult to move

Features Specifications

  • Comfort Tech ™ Deck Cushioning System
    The BXT216 treadmill keeps you running comfortably with deck cushioning that supports your stride and cushions your kick.
  • 9 ” color LCD with backlight
    The BXT216’s 9-inch backlit display, while not as sophisticated as some consoles, is easy to see and use with large numeric digits and raised tactile buttons.
  • Engine 4.0 CHP
    It is one of the largest treadmill motors in this price range. It will easily support running, jogging, intervals, hill workouts, and strength walking.
  • Max. Slope 15%
    Add a hill workout or incline workout to your 15% incline workout. You can increase or decrease the slope at any time to properly mine.
  • Integrated control handrails
    The BXT216 has two different controls for tilt and speed. A handle on the front horizontal bar and another handle on the parallel handrails allow you to adjust the speed or tilt at any time without taking your hands off the rails.
  • Soft Drop ™ folding system
    When finished, fold the treadmill using the easy fold system. When folded, the BXT216 locks into place and has a hydraulic assist arm to help it return to the floor slowly and smoothly.
  • Lifting capacity 400 lbs
    The BXT216 will support up to £ 400, again one of the heaviest treadmill loads in this price range. This should suit the needs of most users.
  • Footprint: 84.5 “x 38.5″ x 54.7 ”
    The BXT216 is a good-sized machine so you will need some floor space when open. Fortunately, the treadmill folds well when not in use.
  • Bowflex JRNY ™ App1 compatible (2 months free trial)The Bowflex JRNY app is included for free for the first two months so you can assess if you want to keep paying for the app. JRNY has real-time feedback and one-to-one coaching through Max, the virtual trainer.
  • Wireless heart rate strap
    The front horizontal handlebar has heart rate sensors, but the Bowflex also has a wireless chest strap for convenience.

Speed up to 12 mph
Slope: 1 – 15% incline
Running surface 22 ” x 60 ”
11 training programs “Push and Go”
Comfort Tech ™ Deck Cushioning System
Wireless heart rate receiver and strap
Speed and tilt control in handles
Tablet holder in the console
Syncs with various fitness apps and platforms