Do I Need a Mat Under My Elliptical:The Complete Guide 2022

Do I Need a Mat Under My Elliptical:The Complete Guide 2022

The new elliptical in the home gym will undoubtedly be a great purchase for those who always want to be “in shape” and cannot live without running a day. Often, along with a cardio machine, users are offered to buy additional accessories – in particular, a special mat for an elliptical. Do I Need a Mat Under My elliptical does it make sense to buy it or is it an extra item that will never come in handy? In short, it’s worth buying a rug.

Find out do I need a mat under my elliptical.

An elliptical mat is a thin product made of durable elastic material that is placed under the simulator. If the elliptical is stationary, then the rug is placed in the place of a permanent installation, if it is folding portable, then the product is placed under the elliptical trainers and cleaned after class.

Ellipticals mats are designed to solve several problems at once:

  • Protection of the floor covering from damage. The elliptical is not the easiest home trainer. If the flooring can still withstand static loads when the cardio machine is “idle”, then during intense workouts, the legs will exert significant pressure. On linoleum and carpet, the formation of dents is possible. When running, the frame can also shift, which often leads to scuffs and scratches. On laminate and parquet, this becomes especially noticeable.
  • Vibration absorption for more comfortable exercise. In expensive treadmills, manufacturers pay special attention to cushioning, and there is no discomfort when running. In cheap models, shocks during running are damped worse, and vibrations are transmitted to the floor. If you install a polyurethane product, then for the user, vibration during classes will no longer be a problem.
  • Noise reduction. The mats have a soundproofing effect, preventing the propagation of vibrations through the floor (floor slabs). This is a particularly valuable feature if the cardio machine is installed in an apartment building. It is also necessary to reduce the noise level if you are used to exercising early in the morning and do not want to interfere with the rest of the other family members.

Another challenge is zoning space. A rug in a contrasting color stands out on the floor and defines the area for sports. This is a way to organize space if you do not have the opportunity to allocate a separate room for the gym and the treadmill is installed in the living room and bedroom.

Is there an alternative?

If you look at the mat for cardio equipment and touch it in the store, you get the impression that this is an ordinary rubberized material that can be easily rolled up. Therefore, buyers have a completely logical question – do you need a rug for an elliptical, or can you get by with improvised means, using any material that is suitable in size for this task?

Buyers have a suspicion that an accompanying sale is just a marketing tool, and trimmed linoleum, carpet, or their analogs are quite suitable to protect the flooring and reduce noise levels.

To determine the answer to the question posed, it is necessary to compare the properties of the materials of the rug and ordinary carpet, carpet, or linoleum.

  1. Slip. Carpet and a small woven rug on laminate, parquet, porcelain tiles will slip, and very much. And this is the risk of injury during training. The special rubberized mat has anti-slip properties.
  2. Protection against loads transmitted through the legs of the simulator. In principle, a thick carpet can protect the flooring as well as a special rug for elliptical. But here there is a risk of damage to the carpet itself or a woven carpet, especially with a high pile. It is almost impossible to damage the polyurethane product under the simulators, and it’s not a pity.
  3. Vibration dampening. All improvised materials will not be able to completely dampen vibrations. The resilient material underlay is great for absorbing vibrations regardless of the user’s weight and running intensity.
  4. Noise absorption. Linoleum does not have sufficient sound-absorbing properties. Carpet and carpet will help reduce the noise level a little, but a polyurethane product will do it much better.

As you can see, there are no alternatives for special rugs.

Are you sure you always need an elliptical mat?

Do not think that the rug is an indispensable accessory, without which you should not even get on the track.

You probably won’t need this product if:

  1. You live in a private house, and for cardio training, for exercise machines, a separate room with appropriate flooring is allocated, as in ordinary gyms.
  2. You have an expensive model of the simulator (more expensive than the average price range), equipped with a complex depreciation system. Weigh such products, as a rule, more, so their displacement, sliding on the floor is excluded.

In other cases, it makes sense to buy an accessory.

Choosing a treadmill mat

When choosing the right cover for your cardio equipment, consider the following:

  1. Dimensions. You should not purchase a substrate the size of a treadmill frame. In addition to protecting against vibrations and noise, the mat also protects the floor from drops of sweat, and water, if you drink it while running. There should be a small margin.
  2. Material. Mats are made from different elastic materials – EVA, PVC, rubberized polyurethane, etc. The material determines the elasticity, durability, and ability to roll into a tight roll without the risk of cracking the substrate.
  3. Thickness. The thicker the mat, the better it absorbs noise and vibrations. But you should not choose the thickest coatings – especially among inexpensive products. There should not be a kind of trampoline effect.
  4. Coating. The reverse side of the mat should be anti-slip. The back can be smooth with a similar effect or embossed to prevent slipping.
  5. Product type. On sale, there are solid rugs (one canvas) or prefabricated products assembled according to the principle of a puzzle. The former can be easily rolled up for storage, but the latter cannot be rolled up.

Some manufacturers indicate a maximum user weight, but you can ignore this figure, since the coating will be affected by a concentrated load through the legs of the simulator, and not through the user’s shoes. The smaller the contact area, and the greater the weight of the simulator and the user, the greater the load on the substrate.

Which mat to choose for a treadmill, taking into account all of the above? Consider the TOP-3 special substrates for the simulator.

Lite Weights 5503LW

Cover of collapsible type (set of 4 pieces) made of EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate). Differs in the big thickness (1,2 cm), high durability, and elasticity. One of the main features is versatility.

The substrate can be used as a cover not only for a treadmill but also for other cardio equipment, as well as for yoga. They belong to the protective coatings of the initial price range.

Unix fit (190/75)

An inexpensive rug that can be rolled up and stored behind a closet, under a bed, or anywhere else. Produced in black. The 190 x 75 cm size is universal and fits most home cardio equipment. The thickness is 0.5 cm.

Spirit Fitness

Protective coating from an American brand of fitness products will completely protect any floor covering, and make your workouts more comfortable. Size 225 x 100 cm fits almost any cardio equipment. Made from PVC. Can be easily rolled up. Refers to premium coatings.

How To Stabilize Treadmill or Elliptical on Carpet


Can an elliptical be put on carpet?

Depending on the make and model, elliptical trainers can weigh several hundred pounds. Placing an elliptical mat between the carpet and the machine will distribute the weight evenly and reduce wrinkles in the fibers.

Does elliptical damage floor?

Elliptical trainers are heavy and cumbersome pieces of equipment and can seriously damage your floor. Elliptical mattresses (sometimes misspelled as elliptical mattresses!) can prevent potential damage to subfloors and reduce harmful vibrations and annoying noise.


In the question of buying a protective coating for a treadmill, each user decides for himself. Starter products are very insignificant costs compared to what you get: no scratches, dents, and scuffs on the flooring, silent running, and vibration minimization. Therefore, it is still worth buying a special mat for a home cardio machine.

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