Best Nautilus Elliptical Series

Best Nautilus Elliptical Series

The simulator can be easily moved around the apartment if you suddenly need free space, as it is on wheels. The pedals are soft, due to this, it is comfortable to practice, the control on the handles allows you to change the program or speed without being distracted from the workout. A good model for a reasonable price.


The elliptical trainer is a relatively recent invention that is somewhere between a treadmill and an exercise bike. Ellipsoid exercises train the main muscle groups and strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

This type of exercise equipment has now gained high popularity and today it is no longer possible to imagine any fitness center without it. And due to its compact size, the elliptical trainer is also often used for home use.

How to choose an elliptical trainer for home?

1. How many people will use the simulator?

It is one thing if you buy a simulator for only yourself and quite another when you buy it for the whole family. In the second case, you are advised to pay attention to the adjustment of the stride length. For people of different heights, it is desirable to change this parameter so that the training is more comfortable and effective.

2. Is it true that the stride length is 33 cm for the height of 155 cm?

With a height of 155 cm, you can comfortably work out on simulators with a step of 51 cm. Namely, simulators with such a step are in fitness clubs. Another thing is that it can be uncomfortable on a rear-wheel-drive model due to the high Q-factor, which can be 20 cm. high level. And a step of 33 cm is a kind of compromise for those who think about training and do not want to install a dimensional simulator. But the trajectory of the step will not be “ski”, but more “bicycle”. True, now there are models with compact sizes, while the length of the step is 40 cm, or even 52 cm, while the comfort of the step remains at a good level.

3. What is the Q factor?
nordic track 12.5 This is the distance between the pedals. On rear-wheel-drive models, as a rule, this parameter will be around 20 cm, i.e. feet are shoulder-width apart. For short users, this positioning of the legs may be uncomfortable. On front-wheel-drive models, this parameter is on average 5-10 cm, there are models with a distance of 1 cm. This positioning of the legs is more comfortable, especially for users with short stature.

4. What is your weight?

Each simulator has characteristics, where the maximum permissible weight of the trainee is indicated. Consultants usually recommend choosing a simulator in such a way that your weight is 15-20 kilograms lighter than the maximum.

By the way, if you decide to choose an elliptical trainer for the purpose of losing weight, then start from the real weight, and not from the predicted one. Still, a few months of working at the limit will not do your “ellipsoid” good.

5. Which drive to choose?

Elliptical trainers differ between the front and rear-wheel drive depending on the location of the flywheel. Front-wheel-drive models have a front flywheel so the body is more upright during training. And when training on a model with a rear “motor”, your body will be slightly tilted forward.

NordicTrack E 5.4 RWD Elliptical Trainer NordicTrack Commercial 14.0 Front Drive Elliptical Trainer
The choice of the drive is carried out depending on your personal preferences by means of a test drive. But the practice has shown that tall people often feel uncomfortable when training on rear-wheel-drive models (depending on the model). So, if your height allows you to twist the bulbs without standing on a stool, then pay special attention to the front-wheel-drive models.

6. How “smart” do you need a simulator?

Today the market can offer you to choose an elliptical trainer, stuffed with a variety of “smart” functions. Even the simplest device has the ability to measure the pulse and the distance traveled, and more expensive models can independently assess your training or offer to compete with a virtual opponent.

Think about what exactly is required of your “ellipsoid”? If you have enough basic functions, then take a simple model. You will not get confused by the buttons on the control panel and save your budget.

7. What type of load adjustment do you need?

There are 3 types of elliptical trainers:

  1. mechanical;
  2. magnetic;
  3. electromagnetic.

Mechanical “ellipsoids” involve manual adjustment of the load, which will make you take a break from your workout for a few seconds. These models are the noisiest and least smooth running models. But their price is the most democratic.

Magnetic trainers provide for load adjustment using buttons on the control panel. They are quite smooth and almost silent. Average price.

Electromagnetic ones have the smoothest and most accurate load control, they work without noise, but their price bites. These are usually found in good fitness clubs.

8. How much space are you willing to donate?

There should be enough space not only to put the simulator but also to practice on it. When training, nothing should hinder your movements.


  • well assembled,
  • quiet,
  • stable,
  • large display
  • 16 different training programs,
  • 8 of which are aimed at reducing body weight,
  • and 8 are interactive
  • The model does not fold
  • No comments on the quality

The simulator can be easily moved around the apartment if you suddenly need free space, as it is on wheels. The pedals are soft, due to this, it is comfortable to practice, the control on the handles allows you to change the program or speed without being distracted from the workout. A good model for a reasonable price.
Basically, the simulator will suit everyone. Allows you to select the load for people with any physical fitness. Very nice color display, clear fonts, shows all training data. I recommend it to everyone who cares about their health.
It works quietly even at maximum speeds and does not creak, his stride length is 41 cm, which is good for working out the muscles. Due to its decent weight, it is very stable, does not swing on the sides and its lower legs do not come off the floor while exercising on it. Very convenient and intuitive menu. In general, the simulator is super.

Best Nautilus elliptical reviews

1. Elliptical trainer Nautilus E626

The Nautilus E626 elliptical trainer combines advanced technology and impeccable quality for effective training. The required training intensity is provided by electromagnetic resistance. The cardio trainer can be used in the gym or at home. Exercising every day will tone the muscles in your legs, arms, and back, as well as help, strengthen your cardiovascular system and get rid of excess calories.
The Nautilus E626 has an attractive, modern design.
The robust construction of the simulator is designed for long-term use.
The biomechanics of the simulator allows you to correctly distribute the main load on the muscles and eliminate the shock load on the spine and joints.
The exercise machine is equipped with an electric position adjustment.
25 levels of load allow you to select the optimal mode, gradually increasing it from warm-up to intensive training.
The console consists of a control panel and a dual LCD display that displays detailed workout progress information.
For the comfort of the trainee, speakers, a tray for placing personal belongings, and a USB port are provided.
Cardiomonitoring is performed using heart rate sensors built into the handles.
A variety of preset programs allow you to choose the optimal training mode.
The laptop allows you to connect to many custom services and fitness applications.

Briefly about the product

  • suitable for home, for the hall
  • electromagnetic load system
  • flywheel front
  • user weight: up to 136 kg
  • step length: up to 51 mm
  • design features: floor uneven compensators, transport rollers/wheels, hand levers, platform tilt angle adjustment
  • number of training programs: 29
  • number of load levels: 25



The Nautilus E628 elliptical trainer is a modern sports equipment with excellent functionality for adjusting the intensity of loads. The model is equipped with an informative SightLine console, made using the innovative DualTrack technology. It has a convenient navigation control panel and an ergonomic display with a pleasant backlight. Exercising on the Nautilus E628 simulator will help you lose weight, develop endurance and strengthen the muscles of the legs, arms, and back.
Comfortable handrails with excellent functionality, in particular a resistance regulator.
Smooth running and quiet operation of the simulator are ensured by an innovative drive system.
For efficient use of the device, a Bluetooth module is built into its design for synchronizing sports successes.
Wide pedals with anti-slip pads to prevent the foot from slipping.
Special pads on the supports ensure the stability of the equipment and prevent it from falling during training.
The state-of-the-art cardio belt and sensory sensors are responsible for the heart rate and the work of the cardiovascular system.


  • Flywheel: 14 kg.
  • Resistance system: electromagnetic.
  • Resistance adjustment: 25 levels.
  • Workout Programs: 29 (including Intervals, Tasks, Weight Management, Personal Training, and HR (Heart Rate) Pedal Angle
  • Adjustment: 4-position with Adjust damping system.
  • Track material: Heavy-duty aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • Heart rate monitoring: handlebar heart rate sensors + chest strap cardio transmitter.
  • Console: Adjustable Sightline Display DualTrack 2 Backlit STN LCD with backlight for monitoring display feedback; quick access
  • buttons; 4 user profiles.
  • Bluetooth / Mobile App: Synchronization with Nautilus Connect, Nautilus Trainer, MyFitnessPal, RunSocial.
  • Maximum user weight: 159 kg.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in the design and circuit diagram of the product that does not impair its characteristics.

3. Nautilus E616 Elliptical Trainer Series Review

This model is one of the best-rated products in the market today.
If you’re ready to step up your training, the nautilus e616 elliptical is ready to step up with you. The e616 combines top-of-the-line design with high-tech must-have features to keep you coming back for more from the second you step on you’ll notice the difference between the e616’s dual rail system large pedals and 20-inch.
Stride gives you a solid smooth natural feel with the choice of 29 customizable workout programs with 25 levels of resistance and 10 degrees of incline.
You can zero right in on your goals and crush them when you’re feeling adventurous to travel the world while you train with run social.
the amazing mixed reality app lets you explore short and long courses all around the globe just choose and download the course.

So you can see your tablet or magazine while keeping an eye on your heart rate workout time, and calories burned also designed into the console is an input port for your mp3 player and a USB port, to keep your devices fully charged and when your workout heats up the three
speed adjustable fan cools you right down the e616 also features Bluetooth connectivity.
So you can sync your metrics with the nautilus trainer app my fitness pal and our other connected partners boost your performance track your progress hit your goals with the e616
elliptical trainer from nautilus.

Product details

  • Product details
  • Sync with free-run social AAP
  • 20 precision path stride
  • Dual track LCD display
  • adjustable fan
  • media shelf
  • in-console speakers,
  • and USB media charging.

Nautilus E616 Review – The E616 is a new elliptical from Nautilus.

Here are the main features of Nautilus E616:
• 25 resistance levels – more than any other machine in this range
• 29 workout programs including 12 profiles, 4 customizable, 9 heart rate control, 2 fitness tests, 1 recovery test, and a simple use quick start option.
• Dual-track LCD screens
• Smooth ride with an adequate flywheel
• USB data transfer to keep track of your fitness results

The Nautilus E616 is an affordable elliptical that is ideal for home gyms. It comes with 29 customizable workout programs running off 25 varying levels of resistance. This is a large variety if compared to other ellipticals in its price range. Overall, the excellent price-performance ratio with good user reviews.

There are some reports of the owner’s manual that in some cases not match the actual machine. Some assembly illustrations may be inaccurate. Some users have noticed issues with the contact heart rate monitor.

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