Are Treadmills at Costco Worth it?

Are Treadmills at Costco Worth it?

Costco treadmills are very different from other treadmills. You can find brands you never knew existed, prices that seem like a steal, and quality levels that are sometimes questionable. Below, we’ll weigh the pros and cons of buying a treadmill at Costco, and whether we’d recommend it after looking at the big picture.

So what about Costco, should you spin the wheel and buy a treadmill from them or go somewhere else? We want to find out now.

We break down the pros and cons of what Costco has to offer based on price, performance, durability, and everything else imaginable to help you make the best decision.

First, let’s find out how they stack up against the behemoth Amazon.

Costco reputation vs. Amazon Reputation

Amazon controls most of the world’s e-commerce, but because of the insane volume it deals with, it’s also notorious for package abuse. where do they stand let’s take a look.

  • Delivery quality: You don’t have to look far to find many Amazon package delivery horror stories that look like a mess. Sometimes packages are processed by USPS, but sometimes they appear that way because their processing centers are very fast. Their packages are not handled with care, and when something is as big as a treadmill, you better believe the box is going to rip and tear. Amazon is notorious for mishandling packages, and Costco is less so. Since Costco doesn’t ship as much, their boxes are usually in much better condition, reducing the chance of problems with your purchase.
  • Pricing: Costco’s entire reputation is focused on providing its members with the best possible price. Amazon is known for seriously jacking up prices because it’s the biggest game in town (they reportedly control 70% of e-commerce). They charge more because they can, but Costco charges less because they love your business and understand the value of a repeat customer. It gets very individual, especially since Amazon has so many sellers on the platform, but you can usually find the best prices at Costco.
  • Customer Service: Hard to beat. Even if you hate the big business they have become, Amazon is very focused on customer service and it shows. Nine times out of ten, if you run into a problem, Amazon will fix it before you get to a live representative. It is effective. Costco still has great customer service, but they can’t match Amazon’s attention to detail no one is.

So who has the best reputation? Costco is the best company with the strongest values, and they extend those values ​​through customer service and providing you with the best possible experience.

Amazon is huge and there is a lot of room for oversight, especially when it comes to packaging delivery promises. If we had to announce a winner here, Costco would win, but not by much.

Pros of buying a treadmill at Costco

The pros outweigh the cons (for the most part), so let’s first take a look at what Costco is doing right now and give credit to what deserves praise.

  • Cheaper than average: Costco is known in the wholesale world as the discount empire (our word, not theirs). They usually do better than other big box stores like Walmart or Target when possible. Their entire spectrum of buyers are people who need to save a budget and a penny, so they offer them inexpensive treadmills to preserve their options. While cheap usually means bad, Costco does a good job with its selection. After all, selling a ton of products doesn’t matter if your reputation is bad, right? You save money and that is always a plus.
  • Costco Reward Dollars: Costco Rewards is a program that gives you cash back, so to speak. This is another incentive to shop at Costco over other stores, and it works. There’s actually only so much you can do with Costco Rewards dollars, and the limit is usually around $7,000 in Costco Rewards dollars that you’ve earned before you’ve maxed out (annually). They do this to get you to shop more at Costco than at other stores. So the more you spend with them, the more you save.
  • Excellent customer service and return window: Costco is known for its outstanding customer service and customer service. They will do whatever they can to correct the error, sometimes even at their own expense. They understand the importance of service because after all, people will leave a brand they’ve used for years or decades just because of one bad thing. You should double-check any treadmill or exercise machine you buy, but in most cases, you have a good return window.
  • Free shipping: Buy a treadmill online. You don’t have to pay for shipping, so why not save yourself the trouble? Delivery times may vary – that’s not an Amazon Prime promise here – but it looks as expected. Everyone has their own shipping experience, no matter where you shop. Be sure to check the package when it arrives, free shipping does not mean good delivery.

Cons of buying a treadmill at Costco

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows. There will always be customer war stories, bad experiences, and mistakes. If you are unsure about ordering a treadmill from Costco, read this first.

  • Lack of Budget: Expensive equipment like NordicTrack treadmills usually have budget options when purchased direct or through Amazon. Not an option when you shop at Costco. They have limited expenses, so they don’t offer financing or other services that might prevent them from focusing on cost reduction. You either have to buy everything at once or save up (and hope the one you want becomes available later).
  • Stock volatility: Again, you have to hope that the item you want will be available later. Stocks have a volatility problem, but so does a wholesale company like Costco. They buy what they can from vendors who need to sell their inventory quickly, and then members put them on shelves at Costco. You are not guaranteed to get as much inventory this week as you did last week. First come, first served for what appears.
  • Warranty Issues: They’re on sale, so they also have a few notorious dents and scratches. In most cases, this results in incomplete, short, or non-existent warranties on parts and labor. You should review the terms and conditions with each purchase as this month’s inventory may differ from last month’s inventory depending on how Costco purchased the treadmills. Even if it’s the same brand as before.


Costco often stocks treadmills and other exercise equipment when they are on sale. However, you will find that not all brands are available.

That’s because some brands are in high demand no matter how big or important the name of the store selling their gear. Sometimes just walking around isn’t enough.

Costco likely buys in cheaper than other stores (many wholesale membership clubs like this tend to oversell), so availability can be impacted.

Costco and other wholesale clubs know what their customers are doing—they’re working with a lot of data. To meet demand, they pay more, but sometimes at a loss.

You don’t want the shelves to just be empty and discourage customers from returning there in the future. They want to make sure customers come back, and empty shelves aren’t good for business anyway, which is why obscure brands fill the shelves from time to time.


Are Treadmills at Costco Worth it?

In general, we do not recommend buying a treadmill from Costco. It’s not just that you won’t have much choice. The problem is that stock models are old, so you’re not getting the best value model for your budget.

Can you return treadmill to Costco?

Many brands require your treadmill to be brand new in order to return it, but Costco’s “100% Satisfaction Guarantee” policy means you can always return the treadmill if you’re not satisfied—even if it’s been used.

Can I return something to Costco after 2 years?

Costco is known for its very generous return policy. Members can return almost any product at any time if they are not satisfied with it. However, some members may see this as an opportunity to return worn or used items several years after purchase.

How long do I have to return a treadmill to Costco?

If you’re not choosy about your treadmill’s brand or wattage and just want to use it, Costco might be fine. Finally, Costco has a fair returns policy, and you can likely return your treadmill for a full refund within 90 days of purchase.

Does Costco keep track of returns?

It certainly helps if you have the receipt or original packaging. You need all the parts and accessories that came with the item, but you don’t need a receipt to process your return because Costco tracks your purchases in your member account. You will need your membership card or membership number to complete the return.


Costco often has treadmills nearby. Because they don’t use sellers, they can guarantee better access than Amazon’s marketplace.

Costco is a good choice, although some of the brands on the shelves are brands you’ve never heard of and might not want to trust. that is clear.

They want to keep availability open so they can compete with Amazon and Walmart, so it makes sense to list some lesser-known brands. However, we found that Costco doesn’t put junk on its shelves with these brands either.

You can find great deals, and save money compared to Amazon (depending on the brand of course) and Costco doesn’t just stock unknown brands. You can find NordicTrack treadmills and still save money, which is great at Costco.

It’s worth it, you just have to be careful and understand the old rule: you get what you pay for. Saving some money is great, but if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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