The 10 Best Home Functional Trainers in 2022

The 10 Best Home Functional Trainers in 2022

The best functional trainer should combine price, stability, and functionality. Functional trainers have become increasingly popular in recent years as they can perform a variety of exercises such as push-ups, jump squats, ski jumps, walking lunges, and fast-twitch fibers.

It may not be the most compact piece of equipment in your workout arsenal, but equipment that works well allows you to perform multiple moves, and if you invest in quality equipment, this will likely last will be your home gym.

Benefits of strength training at functional trainers
Strength training exercises are an essential component of any fitness program and have been proven and supported by numerous studies. Even a small amount of regular resistance exercise can stimulate muscle development, increase bone density, reduce excess fat, increase tone and tighten the body, ultimately improving both mental and physical well-being. Simply put, regular strength training will make you look and feel healthier.

Unlike cardio training, which focuses on the heart and lungs, strength training focuses on the muscular and skeletal areas of the body. A weekly program that combines some cardio and strength training will provide a comprehensive approach to achieving your goals.

An additional plus is that strength training allows you to significantly diversify the fitness program, which will not only save you from the monotony of the same type of exercise but also generally increase performance through the use of different angles and methods of influencing certain muscle groups.

If you’re looking to lose weight, adding strength training to your cardio program will enhance the effect by burning extra calories not only during your workout but also after it. With so many of us working in a seated and/or static position, it is essential to set aside time for regular exercise to offset the long-term damaging effects of lack of movement. A strength training program leads to a more active metabolism even several hours after exercise, causing more (compared to no training) calorie expenditure during rest also.

The positive effects of strength training can be felt by men and women of all ages, which means it’s never too late to start a training program.

Research shows that even people over eighty can benefit from strength training. Working with the muscles keeps them more active and “vital”. Strength training prevents muscle loss and, in fact, works to restore muscle tissue. It does the same with your bones, forcing you to use your skeleton to support your body when you lift weights. This can stop the loss of bone density and even cause it to become stronger.

Of course, if you are new to strength training, you should first talk to your doctor and seek guidance from a professional instructor. This will make sure that you are exercising properly and safely, which means that the result will be achieved without harm to your health.

The benefits of using a weight machine go far beyond the effects of weight loss, muscle growth, and bone strengthening. Strength training can also lower blood pressure and help your heart work by increasing good (HDL) cholesterol and decreasing bad (LDL) cholesterol.

So, if you want to be in good shape, look and feel better, then, of course, a strength training program should be an integral part of your complex to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What to consider when choosing a strength trainer

Below, we will cover the most common types of strength equipment that will add the necessary strength component to your training program. You will see that the choice of types and models of strength training equipment is quite wide, and it is very important to choose the option that will be optimal for you.

The option that you want to use regularly with comfort, pleasure, and, most importantly, results. To do this, you need to think carefully about what types of strength training you need, how much time you plan to devote to them, what results in you want to get, and, of course, how much money you are willing to invest in acquiring your faithful assistant in a strength simulator (or simulators). Duration of strength training
If you are limited in time and have, for example, 15 minutes for strength training, then the most suitable option for you is a machine that is easy to use and allows you to quickly move from one type of exercise to another. By choosing a strength machine that allows you to simultaneously train more than one muscle or muscle group in one exercise, you not only increase the effectiveness and usefulness of training, but you get the opportunity to conduct it within your time limit.


Even if your budget is limited, you can always find “your” model of a power simulator. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to get the effect of training. It is more important to get a simulator that will function correctly and be used regularly. If you are looking for a more functional power machine and have the budget to purchase it, then on our website you can choose models for both home and commercial use.

Goals and objectives of strength training

The type of training you want to do will primarily determine the type of strength equipment that is best for you. Heavy weights, free weights, and other types are best for people who are looking to build muscle mass. If you want to improve the quality and performance of specific muscles that are actively used, for example, in your work or hobby, then you should choose equipment that focuses on training these particular muscle groups.

Classes on such simulators are aimed not only at building muscle, but also at developing functional skills. Therefore, the first thing to ask yourself is what are the goals and motivation of your strength training, and then proceed to the selection of strength equipment. Types of strength training equipment

Home power stations

They are the perfect solution for strength training at home or in the office, offering as many exercise variations as you can imagine which is why they are often referred to as multistation. The presence of several functional “substations” on one simulator makes training the whole body convenient and affordable. Many home stations are ergonomically designed to save space in your workout room. Home power stations may have one or more sets of built-in scales. And some larger units may also include a foot press or even a cable crossover.

Although most home stations use built-in weights to create weights, there are also options with rods, thick rubber bands, coils, and even computer-controlled weights. Although the type of weights used may vary, affecting how you feel during exercise, the main principle is the same in all home stations to provide you with a boxed “all-in-one” solution for strength training.

Because home strength stations give you the ability to perform multiple exercises in the same position, they are the perfect solution for a quick standard workout. By changing the handrails or making simple reconfigurations, you can easily move from one exercise to another without moving around in space.

Tubular and tape expanders

Bands are a very affordable way to build muscle as part of a strength training program. Unlike home strength stations, which usually use weights with built-in weights, resistance when exercising with an expander arises as a result of stretching the projectile itself. The stronger (in the sense of further) the expander is stretched, the greater the burden.

Tube and band expanders require very little space, which allows you to keep the room free outside of training. Some of them come with an attachment that attaches to the door and makes exercising with the expander even more accessible. Another great advantage of expanders is that they can be taken with you on a business trip, vacation, or just for outdoor activities.

If you want to know exactly what weight (traction) you are working with, then the expander is not the best choice. The weight it creates is not equivalent to the kilos you use at your home station, with free weights or equipment loaded with discs. While the weight of the load remains constant throughout the exercise (a 20kg disc will always weigh 20kg no matter what exercise you do), the amount of pull on the band is much more streamlined, as it changes during the exercise as the projectile is stretched. The big advantage of using this type of strength equipment is the absence of any restrictions on movements this allows you to perform exercises in an unlimited number of variations, and even come up with your own.

Equipment for training with free weights

Many people think of benches and weights when it comes to strength training. This type of handy item can be classified as free weight training equipment, which is considered the foundation for building muscle and strength. Of course, the use of a barbell and pancakes in combination with the specified equipment is assumed. In addition, the barbell and plates can be used independently for a wide range of exercises.

Unlike home strength stations with set weights on each weight stack, free weight training equipment allows you to add extra weights if your strength goes beyond a set volume. Weight discs are inexpensive and can be purchased whenever you level up.

It is important to consider that in addition to a set of free weights, an observer may also be required, as working with a projectile alone can be unsafe compared to other types of strength equipment. Since weight equipment requires a certain amount of space for training and storage, you should consider in advance the location of the barbell, plates, and kettlebells.

Since weight equipment requires a certain amount of space for training and storage, you should consider in advance the location of the barbell, plates, kettlebells, and dumbbells.

Bodyweight training equipment

Covers any strength equipment that allows you to use your own body weight as a deadlift. Abs and bench presses, dorsal hyperextensions, knee raise racks, pull-up bars, etc. are all examples of bodyweight training equipment. In some types, cables are used, with which you can pull the body along the rail system.

The higher the degree of inclination, the stronger the weight and, therefore, the higher the complexity of the exercise. The most weight you can achieve with this system is about 70 percent of your body weight, so if you’re looking for heavier weights, this isn’t the best option for you. Another form of bodyweight exercise is harness training, which positions your body in different positions while your arms or legs are secured in the straps. On a harness, the position of your body determines the degree of difficulty.

Bodyweight training equipment is generally easy to use and does not require a lot of space. It is also affordable, but you may need more than one type of equipment to cover all areas of the body, as each type is most often designed for certain muscle groups (abs bench, back and biceps bars, chest and triceps presses).

Since there is no or little weighting, more repetitions and/or slower and smoother execution is required to achieve results on this type of equipment. Use additional types of bodyweight training equipment to add weight to your exercises – dumbbells, kettlebells, weighted balls, jump ropes, gymnastic sticks (body bars), and plyometric boxes. Bodyweight equipment is a great addition to a strength machine to make your workouts more complex and varied.

Loaded equipment

It is similar to free-weight equipment in that it requires third-party weights – disks – to use. When using this equipment, the discs are loaded directly onto racks that are attached to the machine. Examples of equipment loaded with discs are a 45-degree foot press, a drip machine, etc.

Some disc-loaded machines use offline multi-handset up so you can adjust to your body. If your right hand is stronger than your left, you can load each shoulder differentially so that you end up training the weaker side harder to achieve balance. This type of equipment is also called lever equipment and often uses converging or deviating guiding movements so that your muscles are engaged more deeply.

As with free weights, you may need several types of disc-loading equipment to cover your needs. Be that as it may, the multistation, which has a machine with built-in weights, is able to provide everything you need for a full-body workout with one unit. Plate-loaded equipment is more expensive than free-weight equipment and cheaper than weight-and-block machines with built-in weights.

Choosing the Best Home Strength Equipment

With so many options for strength equipment that you could use for your workouts, it is difficult to give a definite answer to the question of which one is the most optimal for a home gym. The best strength equipment is the equipment that best suits your needs: taking into account your goals, budget, and training space.

A home power multistation is ideal in terms of convenience, but for this, you must have enough space. Disc-loaded equipment is an affordable alternative to a weight-based machine, providing everything you need for a complete workout. Free weight equipment is the standard carrier for strength training and is ideal for muscle building and athletic training, but tends to require more space and is not a standalone unit.

Bodyweight training equipment, resistance tubes, and strength bands are affordable and economical, providing a different type of resistance and feel during exercise. The key factor, of course, is the ease of use. The best weight machine is the one you want and use on a regular basis.

Our pick of the best home functional trainers for 2022

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

Unlike a pair of dumbbells, you can’t tuck a hefty home gym under your bed when you’re done using it. However, some, such as the Bowflex Blaze, fold flat to help save space (when folded, the Bowflex Blaze is 52 inches long and 38 inches wide).
The Bowflex Blaze Home Gym offers over 60 sports-quality exercises that work all of your muscle groups. The 210-pound power bar resistance technology maximizes your strength training and fitness goals.

Features and Details

  • 60+ Full Body Exercises
  • power bar resistance 210 lbs, can be increased to 310 lbs or 410 lbs
  • Bowflex provides 7 free workout modes designed by a trainer
  • Sliding seat rail allows for aerobic rowing and leg presses
  • Multiple cable pulley positions allow for customized workouts
  • Includes lat bar and squat bar
  • Triple grip ankle cuffs included

Despite its compact size, you can still complete 60 exercises in this gym. Features include a latitude (for building back and shoulder muscles) and a lower pulley/squat station (for targeting muscles in the legs). It also comes with Bowflex Power Rod technology that provides 210 pounds of drag. And while some home gyms can take hours after hours to build, reviewers of this unit say it’s relatively easy to set up (it took about 1.5 hours for one user).

Title Here


  • A durable, high-quality full-body trainer
  • Fairly compact
  • Default resistance is good enough and can be improved
  • Includes lats and squats
  • Aerobic rowing available


  • For heavy (220 lbs or more) users, the seat may wobble.
  • Aerobic rowing on the Bowflex Blaze does not offer the versatility that can be achieved with a standalone rower.
  • Limited leg training options

Our first choice: Fitness Ft2 Functional Trainer

The power complex is equipped with independent traction blocks that allow you to load different muscle groups. Between the uprights, there is a non-removable bar, used in exercises aimed at “pumping” the pectoral muscles, shoulder girdle, and back. In addition, it will come in handy when doing squats.

The ability to change the positions of the handles is a very important option for working out certain areas. With INSPIRE FT2, perform leg swings to intensively work out the muscles of the thighs, their inner and outer surfaces, and buttocks.

The presence of the upper thrust is provided for training with triceps, biceps, shoulders, and even such a function as performing twists to work out the press is available (in this case, you need to purchase an additional option). The smart move was to combine the barbell and weight stacks, which absolutely eliminates the need for the latter.

Nylon pulleys and special bearings guarantee the smooth operation of the machine, steel cables are designed for maximum loads, so you can not worry about the life of the machine. A stable frame will ensure safe training during active exercises, and the powder coating of the frame will protect it from mechanical damage (chips, scratches, corrosion), significantly increasing the period of operation.

Features and Details

The Inspire FT2 Functional Trainer is not only a guarantee of full-fledged strength training but also the ability to involve as many muscles as possible, increase strength and increase the endurance of the body as a whole. This is an innovation in the field of sports equipment.

  • The frame of the simulator is made of heavy rectangular and round steel pipes.
  • The electrostatically bonded powder coating ensures a secure finish and a long-lasting finish.
  • Weight stacks are made of cast iron with heavy-duty guides.
  • Possibility to adjust the resistance.
  • Cargo weight: 2 x 68 kg.
  • The kit includes a large number of handles for training, as well as a special poster with exercises.

In training, 8 traction units can be used, working independently of each other. Also use a special non-removable neck, which is placed between the racks for standard exercises to train the muscles of the chest, shoulder girdle, back, squats, and more.
To increase the number of exercises performed, use a multifunctional bench (not included), as well as an attachment for arms and a leg simulator.

  • Optional increase in stack weight from 68 kg to 91 kg
  • Option available for INSPIRE ABB1 press

Title Here


  • Comes with a blacksmith that has a weight multiplier that doubles the resistance to 1:1.
  • With eight pulleys, each has 32 vertical positions and rotates 180 degrees.
  • Lots of accessories included
  • Multifunctional functions for a large number of exercises


  • Not easy to assemble
  • Expensive

Best average price: Body-Solid Powerline PFT100 functional trainer cable machine

There are a number of home gyms that fall in the not-too-high-not-too-low price range, and if you’ve been saving up for a home gym but don’t want to spend a fortune, this is a great choice for you. One of our favorites is the Powerline Home Gym with Leg Press. It comes with low, medium, and high pulleys as well as 160lbs. stack weight that can be upgraded to 210 pounds.

The Priceline home trainer fits users of all sizes with adjustable seats that provide the perfect height. Users say that while assembly can be a little tricky, the quality of the hardware is excellent for the price.
Powerline PFT100 Hard Case Powerline PFT100 Hard Case for Functional Trainer with Cable, Double 160 lbs. weight stacks
FEATURES: Two 160 lb weight stacks (expandable to two 210 lb stacks) offer a comfortable workout for users of all fitness levels. versatility of training
ADJUSTABLE: Two adjustable nylon cable handles are also included for instant access to a range of exercises
The Body-Solid Powerline PFT100 is the perfect home gym machine for minimalists who are looking for a simple yet effective product. The machine is made from a high-quality product and will last a very long time. Thus, this is definitely one of the best crossover cars on this list.

A complete set that includes two main shoulder wings attached to a pull-up bar. This machine is equipped with two 160 lb. weight stacks that can be increased to 210 lb. per side. There are 20 position settings in total with 3.2″ head-to-toe pulley hole spacing and plenty of 180-degree cross-cable workouts. And you can always use a pull-up bar to take a break from those movements.

The kit also includes two adjustable nylon cable handles to help you do more exercise. So the number of exercises you can do with this standout contender from our list of the best crossover cable trainers is virtually endless.

Features and Details

Assembled dimensions: 42″ x 63″ x 83″ (L x W x H) with a total weight of 476 lbs. The device is suitable for people who want to install a durable universal cable tower at the most affordable price at home.

  • High quality and very durable
  • Simple yet effective and durable design
  • Fully adjustable pulley system
  • Built-in weight stacks and a pull-up bar
  • Mass increased
  • Very affordable and possible replacement for similar expensive products
  • Only suitable for home gym
  • Don’t use heavy-duty steel like other machines

Title Here


  • Good price
  • Robust steel frame construction
  • Easy construction
  • Including pull-up bar
  • Good warranty (10-year frame, 1-year parts)
  • Dual 160lb weight stacks
  • 2 fully adjustable pulleys


  • Comes with 1 set of handles only

BodySolid S2FT Series II functional trainer

The American company BodySolid is widely recognized throughout the world as a supplier of quality strength equipment for home and professional use. In addition, BodySolid also produces the highest quality cardio equipment under the Endurance brand.

For over 20 years, BodySolid has been building better bodies and thereby improving the quality of life for people around the world. BodySolid is the world leader in free-weight strength training equipment. BodySolid offers the industry’s broadest range of Smith Bars, Power Racks, and Single Position Machines. If you want to have a slim waist, developed chest muscles, a strong back, muscular arms, and powerful legs strength training with BodySolid is the fastest and most effective way.

Features and Details

  • 34 positions for adjusting the movable pulleys
  • 180° rotation range of movable pulleys
  • Ergonomic crossbars with universal handle
  • Includes climbing holds
  • High-quality cast iron weight plates
  • Metal protection for each weight stack
  • Weight stack 160 lbs, 210 lbs or 310 lbs (ratio 2 to 1)
  • Long stem (43″) included
  • Row bar (20″) included
  • Sports rod (14″) included
  • D-shaped handles with adjustable straps included
  • Includes ankle cuff

Title Here


  • Commercial grade durability
  • Outstanding guarantee
  • Rugged design – can support users of any size
  • Pretty easy to set up
  • Quiet operation
  • An almost unlimited number of exercises are available
  • Little maintenance required
  • Relatively small footprint for a home gym


  • Abs tourniquet and tricep rope are not included in S2FT package
  • The 5 lb micro adjustment plate is not included with the machine

XMark Functional Trainer – XM 7626

XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine with two weights of 200 pounds, 19 settings, and an updated set of accessories
Update accessory package: in addition to the standard accessories already included in the XM-7626, we’ve added the XMark Chrome Triangle Chin Triangle, single handles, triceps rope, chin swivel bar, and triceps bar.

Hands Down XM-7626 is the most versatile equipment for your family’s home gym. Easily adapts to any member of your family, young or old, short or tall. With a standard 2: 1 stack-to-resistance ratio, the XMark functional trainer provides true isolateral movements, giving users a variety of targeting and muscle isolation options. Also, perform pull-ups and pull-ups on the pull-up bar with a split grip.

Your workout options are endless with double weights of 200 pounds, quick-adjust pulleys with 19 options at a distance of 3.5 inches each, and accessories that are easy to replace. The 11 “2 x 3” caliber steel frame provides a solid construction for our XMark cable car, while the commercial-grade lifting and pulley system is very smooth.

The XMark Functional Trainer is a versatile cable crossover known for its rich features and extremely strong and elegant design. This great device, which is appreciated by many fitness enthusiasts, is definitely on the list of the 10 best cable crossovers.

This machine is a step forward from the wall cable machine, which has several disadvantages. The frame is made of 2 by 3-inch steel size 11 plus other commercial grade parts to ensure that this robust system can withstand many serious and fast movements. In the middle is a pull-up bar connected to double rope pulleys, which can be easily adjusted to 19 height positions and provide a free 180-degree rotation for all your exercises. In addition, the XMark Functional Cable Trainer provides two weights of 200 pounds, which is enough for most users of any level of fitness.

Therefore, there is no need to buy extra scales yourself. The machine also comes with an accessory kit that includes two 8-inch wrist straps, two 17-inch long strap handles, a triceps rope, a short barbell, a long bar, a leg twist strap, and an ankle strap. Therefore, the number of exercises that you can perform on this simulator is extremely large. That is why we do not hesitate to choose it as one of the best cable crossover machines available on the market.

The dimensions in the assembly are 35.5 inches x 71 inches x 84 inches (L x W x H) and the weight of the product is 247 pounds. It may not be the smallest device, but it certainly has such a compact shape, given the number of features and additional features. Recommended for those who are really fond of crossover exercises or looking for a comprehensive product to try different types of training. Of course, the cost is not low, but you really get what you pay for, and the functional cross-country simulator XMark is one of the best crossover trainers, which is appreciated by many beginners and professionals.

Features and Details

  • Universal exercise machine for home gym
  • Base unit for heavy loads and industrial class components
  • The set includes two scales of 200 pounds, no additional scales are required
  • Strong and smooth construction
  • Ergonomics
  • The pulleys are adjustable in 19 height positions
  • expensive
  • The assembly process is not easy, so users need to pay extra when assembling.

Title Here


  • Quick adjustability for each user
  • It comes with multiple attachments for versatile exercises
  • Enables isolateral exercises for targeted muscle groups
  • Space-saving thanks to high-quality construction


  • The assembly instructions are a bit complicated for first-time users
  • Expensive

Powerline PCCO90X cable crossover

Powerline is completely different from others on this list. This is not just a machine for weighing a rope, but a cross rope – weights are located on opposite sides. So far, it is unique in that it is loaded with a stove that has both advantages and disadvantages that we must take into account.

First of all, it should be noted that the design of this product requires much more space. The product does not have the same volume as a regular cable machine, but it takes up a lot of space because it is about 9 feet wide. This is much more space in any direction than on a regular rope exercise machine, which can be a real challenge for a home gym.

We have two real problems with the cable crossover machine: it is less versatile than a conventional cable crossover, and the Powerline product is a real problem in terms of usability and cost.

Let’s start with the fact that the product may allow you to do crossovers, but this is a one-time exercise (and not even very good). Here it compensates for the fact that it loses its versatility: the design makes it impossible to perform rods (much better exercise) or any exercises that are so good on a simulator with two ropes. It makes no sense to buy a cable device.

Second, the Powerline product is loaded with a plate. This in itself is not a problem, except that Powerline makes it clear that the main additions to this product – weights, collars, and pull-up handles – are sold separately. This means paying more than $ 500 for other necessary equipment.

This may not be a big problem if you already have weight at home, but it can be a problem if you want to start your home gym with a versatile cable car. However, in the complete absence of nozzles and other important parts that make the cable machine valuable because of its versatility, this seems like a real headache.

There are also serious concerns about the production and maintenance of this product. Many reviews say that there are no instructions for assembling the equipment, Powerline has very poor customer service, and the product itself is often lacking. This is due to the lack of construction, as it is incredibly light, unstable and easily overturned.

In general, we are not impressed with this product. The value may be there compared to a full-size cable machine, but that’s no excuse for poor build quality, defective products, poor customer service, and other glaring flaws.

Features and Details

  • Large-diameter pulleys provide maximum rope life and smooth operation
  • The carriage runs on nylon bushings with four tall polymer pulleys on each side
  • Accepts both Olympic and standard plates
  • Includes two cable handles and one ankle strap
  • 37″L x 113″W x 83″H.

Title Here


  • Cheaper than a full rope machine
  • A variety of exercises can be performed to work for most muscle groups
  • Many add-ons to make a versatile training tool
  • The very stable machine when used at right angles
  • Cables are designed to support up to 360# on each side
  • Using cables for training engages the stabilizer muscles that most other machines don’t have. Basically, it means real-world power is faster


  • The parts are made in China and the touch-up paint seems to be lead-based so don’t lick the car.

Marcy Stack Home Gym

This versatile outfit includes a variety of fitness exercises to strengthen and strengthen your core, thighs, arms, and legs. A combination of the Smith simulator, crossbeam, crossover, and bridge simulator.

Strengthen your upper body with the Smithstyle press and crossover, and strengthen your lower body with the Leg Builder.
This multifunctional machine will help you target different parts of your body. The chest and shoulders can be cross-trained with a steel cable system, barbells, and cross pulleys.

This sophisticated workout machine is actually one of the best crossovers for your home gym. This includes a wide range of fitness exercises that involve most of the body.

The Marcy Smith Cross Cable Combo Machine is a compact combination of several machines including a crossover, pull-up, Smith simulator, built-in bench, and detachable leg developer. This multifunctional simulator is designed to target each specific part of the body and provide a full range of strength training. For crossover exercises, the pulleys are fixed on the top of the simulator and therefore cannot be adjusted.

Therefore, for lower positions, a central pulley, chest flight station, or bench should be used. However, high-quality materials make up for this, as the cables are made of aviation-grade steel with loads of up to 2,000 pounds. The Marcy Smith machine is equipped with two standard handles, a rope, a straight bar, a V-bar, and many useful accessories such as an ankle strap. This system works with the Olympic edition not included.

Features and Details

Prefab Dimensions: 65″ x 79.25″ x 84.5″ (L x W x H) for cage, 68.25″ x 26″ x 45.5″ for bench. This is a decent fitness product for those looking for an all-in-one cable crossover for sale, especially considering the very reasonable price for all its features.

  • All-inclusive for vehicle use.
  • Very versatile and durable
  • multifunctional machine
  • Many accessories included
  • Works with Olympic Cymbals
  • Pulley, is not adjustable
  • The weight plate is not included, you must purchase it yourself.

Title Here


  • Budget
  • Small in size, doesn’t take up much space – ideal if your home is short on space
  • Load capacity 300 pounds
  • Easy construction
  • Offers a full body workout


  • The padding on the developing part of the leg can break down over time
  • Weak guarantee
  • Chest press grips can be too narrow for a natural feel

Body-Solid EXM3000LPS lightweight commercial gym

If you are ready to spend money on new exercise machines, then a home gym is a smart purchase, given the benefits, you will receive from it. One of the most expensive models to check out is the commercial Body-Solid Light sneakers.

Not one, not two, but three people can use the equipment at the same time. The device shows two stacks weighing 210 pounds, bench press, tilt press, low thrust, and more. In addition, plush features such as high-density DuraFirm seats designed to support the waist make this home gym extremely comfortable to use.

People who own the Body-Solid Gym say it’s worth it. They admire the quality, saying that the home gym works just as well as the exercise machines they used in health clubs.

Features and Details

  • The EXM3000LPS is equipped with a multifunctional bench press station for bench press, incline bench press, shoulder press, and medium pull chest exercises.
  • The fully adjustable Perfect Pec™ station with range limiters allows users deeper muscle penetration for faster, more accurate results.
  • The leg and calf press station operates at a 2 to 1 weight ratio, giving the EXM3000LPS an amazing 420lb strength rating. leg press!
  • The non-slip, rubber-coated footrest is made of thick steel for safe operation during your most intense workouts.
  • Always at the forefront of strength equipment development, Body Solid gyms have been designed with meticulous precision and state-of-the-art ergonomic features.
  • Thick, durable DuraFirm™ pads are designed to support your lower back and provide the most comfortable workout you’ll ever experience.
  • Every pillow, pin, and pivot feels natural. Both are 210 pounds.
  • Weight stacks are easily accessible for quick and safe weight selection. Plus, you never have to change cables.

Title Here


  • Solid car
  • Built to last, so many exercises, adjustable, lots of weight on the stacks


  • Lack of marking nuts, bolts, washers
  • Crappy plastic plugs
  • Assembly time
  • One-sided instructions needed

Frequently Asked Questions About Cable Machines

Q: How difficult is it to assemble a cable machine?

A: Assembling these machines can be challenging because of the many moving parts. Be sure to follow the instructions in the manual. If applicable, the professional assembly can save you a lot of time and energy.

Q: Can I increase the weight of the rope machine?

A: Yes. For models with plate stacks, there is an extra weight at the top of the stack. For free weight models, you can always add additional plates. Do not add more weight than the machine can handle. This can lead to cable and pulley failure.

Q: Do I need any other equipment for my full home gym?

A: Cable machines are the most versatile equipment you can buy. However, there are blanks that can be filled. For example, a home gym with a cable car may meet your strength training needs, but you may still need something for cardio.

Q: Do I need a pulley that can rotate 180 degrees?

A: It depends on the workout you plan to do. Some exercises require wider rotations to complete the entire motion. The rope machine is the heart of any home gym. Their versatility is unmatched and works on almost any part of the body.

XMark Functional Trainer is the most complex and complete package. In addition, the BodySolid PCCO90X is an incredibly durable and well-designed machine that offers the best value for money at an amazing price.

Do you use machines in your home gym? What’s your favorite rope machine workout? like we found Let us know in the comments!

Final thoughts

Even though the functional device gets its name from rehabilitation, it’s becoming increasingly popular in home gyms. Nothing beats their versatility, especially now that the prices of these machines are starting to rise. If you’re looking for a machine that works, it’s a good idea to rate each machine using the same criteria.

If nothing else, we recommend comparing the following specs: weight stack (1 vs 2, weight), pulleys (fully adjustable), accessories, warranty, and size. Of course, you also have to consider the price. Luckily, most of the best-performing running shoes are in the same price range.

If you need to read about the best recumbent bike with moving arms please read our article.

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